Galaxy Blaze Q 4G Rebranded as Relay 4G for T-Mobile

It looks like the rumored August 15 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q 4G was missed and now the latest leaked training documents for the carrier suggests that the 4G HSPA+ keyboarded smartphone will get a new name upon launch. The device may debut now as the Galaxy Relay 4G for T-Mobile USA’s network, though when that would happen is still unclear when that would happen.

The training documents were reported by¬†TmoNews and now many of the earlier leaked specs are confirmed. The Relay 4G is seen as a phone that will slot just beneath the high-end Galaxy S III on T-Mobile USA’s lineup and with a keyboard similar to Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy S I with its Epic 4G smartphone.


Like the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile, the Relay 4G will have a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. The phone will also have a spacious 5-row keyboard with a dedicated number row and also will have a 4-inch display. In the past, the phone was rumored to come with the same 720p HD resolution as the Galaxy S III, but packed into a smaller screen. If true, that would make the Relay 4G a phone with a very sharp display.

At this time, neither Samsung nor T-Mobile USA has announced the phone.