Galaxy Nexus Ad Shows Carriers How It’s Done

When Samsung released its first ad for the American variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II, I was astounded. How, amidst a sea of terrible marketing, could Samsung make such a good piece of advertising?

It was refreshing to say the least and it filled me with lofty hopes for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ads that would be popping up in the future. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

Today, Google released the first full length ad for the Galaxy Nexus and really, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it’s nothing short of amazing. We see the phone, we see the software, we see the features of said phone and software, and we see hip people doing hip things with the device.

Instead of out of touch whiz bang specs and robot wars, we actually see what users can do with the phone’s features.

Innovative huh?

In other words, it appeals to not only those who have been waiting for months on end for this phone but it appeals to the general consumer, the consumer that is having a tough time deciding between Android, iPhone or something else entirely.

This is how mobile marketing should be. I’ve honestly watched that ad three or four times and I haven’t wanted to step through the computer screen to yell ‘Cut!’ and end the madness that is taking place.

Let this ad serve as a lesson for the mobile carriers out there that more often than not, try to do something “creative” and end up failing miserably.

As I’ve said many times before, marketing in the mobile space is extremely important and I think that consumers and companies would be much better off in a world littered with ads like the one Google put together for the Galaxy Nexus.

Well done.