Galaxy Note 4 Launch Date: What to Expect
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Galaxy Note 4 Launch Date: What to Expect



With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch now confirmed for September 3rd, we want to take a look at what we and you should expect from Samsung when it takes the stage to announce the all new Galaxy Note 4.

For months, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors have swirled. We’ve seen Galaxy Note 4 specs leak. We’ve seen Galaxy Note 4 design rumors point to a brand new design. We’ve seen Galaxy Note 4 software details emerge. And we’ve even seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date appear in some very specific rumors. No stone has been left unturned.

All of these Galaxy Note 4 details will be confirmed in just a few short weeks. Earlier this month, Samsung announced an Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event that will take place on September 3rd in Berlin, Germany. The event will take place just before the start of IFA, the trade show and launch pad that Samsung has used for all three Galaxy Note variants.

The Galaxy Note 4 invite confirms the event date and is clearly for the Note 4.

The Galaxy Note 4 invite confirms the event date and is clearly for the Note 4.

Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event will also take place in Beijing, China and in New York City though those satellite events will be minor compared to the ceremony that Samsung hosts in Germany.

In the buildup to the Galaxy Note 4’s announcement, we’ve been taking a look at its most important details and making some predictions of our own. Recently, we offered up our expectations in regard to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date. Today, we want to take a look at what we expect from the Galaxy Note 4 launch date, also known as its announcement date, a date that appears to be just a few short days away.

September 3rd

If you’re still not convinced the September 3rd Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 launch event is for the Galaxy Note 4, take a look at the video below. It’s a brand new Galaxy Note teaser that Samsung just released and it touts the power of the Galaxy Note series and it also shows the September 3rd launch date at the very end of the video.

It’s very clear that September 3rd will serve as the Galaxy Note 4 launch date and those interested in the new Galaxy Note release will want to tune into all of the action via Samsung’s live stream. Yes, the company will be hosting a live stream for the event which means that consumers around the world will be able to tune in to watch Samsung debut its new smartphone.

Toned Down Event

Samsung clearly learned its lesson after the Galaxy S4 launch debacle back in 2013. The company used Broadway actors to debut its new smartphone and it just didn’t work. The company confused its customers and it also came off as tone deaf. Needless to say, the company went back to its roots with both the Galaxy Note 3 launch and the Galaxy S5 launch, the latter of which can be seen below.

We’re expecting the usual from Samsung. An orchestra, some executives touting the benefits of the Galaxy Note 4, and an event that lasts somewhere between an hour and two hours (likely an hour) as the company works its way through all of the key details. Look for it to mirror the Galaxy S5 launch event that was very straightforward and informative.

Galaxy Note 4 Specs

We expect Samsung to go into great detail on the Galaxy Note 4 launch date. One, because it knows that it needs to inform consumers and two because it knows that it really needs to drill this information home because of the event’s close proximity to the iPhone 6 launch in September 9th. Samsung can’t afford to let people down on September 3rd.

Galaxy Note 4 Features

So, we expect it to go all out. That starts with touting the Galaxy Note 4’s specs. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature an all new 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a 5.7-inch QHD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4 KitKat with new TouchWiz software, and a design that could combine both metal and plastic like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It’s also expected to incorporate a fingerprint sensor into the home button.

Galaxy Note 4 S Pen

We expect Samsung to go into all of this, in detail, on September 3rd. And that’s why we highly recommend tuning into the live stream. There is going to be a ton of information to absorb.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Details

With an iPhone 6 breathing down its neck, Samsung simply can’t hold back any details regarding the Galaxy Note 4 release date. Consumers need to know all of the details because you know that Apple is going to announce every last detail when it announces the iPhone 6 on September 9th. Samsung can’t afford to be vague at all.

Galaxy Note 4 Display

We expect the company to deliver all of the important Galaxy Note 4 release details on September 3rd to keep enthusiasts and prospective buyers happy. The Galaxy Note 4 faces an uphill battle against the larger iPhone 6 but getting all of these important details and the Galaxy Note 4 release out fast will help the device keep pace.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is rumored for the week of September 15th though that remains unconfirmed.

Carrier Confirmations

We expect carriers around the world to confirm their Galaxy Note 4 plans on September 3rd. While we may not see precise release dates or Galaxy Note 4 pricing emerge immediately, we expect those details to arrive shortly after the launch date as carriers match the Galaxy Note 4 up with Apple’s iPhone 6.

The Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon and we expect all five of those carriers to be confirmed on day one. We wouldn’t even be surprised if Samsung touted all five on stage during the event.

Other Products

At CES 2014, Dennis Miloseski, head of studio for Samsung Design America, told Ina Fried of Recode that the next Galaxy Note would arrive in the fall, just like the three previous versions of the Galaxy Note. He also mentioned that the new Galaxy Note would arrive alongside new wearable products, some of which would be able to communicate without a smartphone.

The Verge recently put forth credible information regarding Samsung’s near Gear VR (Virtual Reality) gadget that’s expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd.

This could be Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset.

This could be Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset.

A new report from Yonhap in Korea suggests that we could also see Samsung unveil a new wearable that can operate independently from a smartphone. These new details suggest that Samsung is working on a new product dubbed “Gear Solo” that will come with its own universal subscriber identity module (USIM) card, meaning, it can function without a smartphone. Samsung’s current wearables require users to pair them with a smartphone.

Details about the actual device are slim though the publication suggests that it will not support LTE, the high-speed network that carriers in Asia and the United States employ.


At the very least, we expect the Gear VR to arrive on stage alongside the Galaxy Note 4. We’ve simply seen too many rumors and leaks emerge in recent weeks. Where there is a ton of smoke, they is typically a lot of fire.


We also expect it to arrive alongside new accessories. Samsung always introduces new accessories alongside its new Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones. SamMobile reports that the company could announce a new UltraSonic cover for the Galaxy Note 4 though that is far from confirmed.

Ultrasonic cover or not, we’re expecting Samsung to pull some accessories out from its hat on September 3rd. And if not Samsung, third-party manufacturers looking to capitalize on the Galaxy Note 4’s name to sell their products. Accessories like wireless chargers, cases and more should play an integral part in the Galaxy Note 4’s launch.



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