Galaxy Note 4 Release: 10 Key Details
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Galaxy Note 4 Release: 10 Key Details



With a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch confirmed for early September, consumers have turned their attention toward the release of Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note. Here, we breakdown all of the key Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date details and provide as clear of a picture as we can in the buildup to Samsung’s launch event.

For more than seven months, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors have swirled. And as we’ve gotten closer to the fall, we’ve started to see those Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors firm up ahead of Samsung’s announcement.

Galaxy Note 4 specs have emerged left and right over the past few weeks. And while they remain unconfirmed, there is enough evidence to consider at least some features all but confirmed.

The Galaxy Note 4 is heavily rumored to have a 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, enhanced camera with image stabilization, a fingerprint sensor for extra security, new software, and a design that could potentially include both textured plastic and metal. It appears to be a huge step up from the Galaxy Note 3, at least on paper and because of that, consumers are starting to get extremely antsy.

Thankfully, these Galaxy Note 4 rumors will soon give way to the real Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy Note 4 launch date is now confirmed and consumers can start to prepare for its arrival.

With that in mind, we take a look at the most important details regarding the Galaxy Note 4’s release and its release date. These are the details that consumers will want to keep in mind as we head closer to the fall and closer to the month of September.

Release Date Announcement

The first key Galaxy Note 4 release detail is that official Galaxy Note 4 details are more than likely going to be announced on September 3rd. September 3rd is going to play host to Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event that is all but certain to serve as the company’s launch pad for the Galaxy Note 4. How do we know this? Here’s how:

  • Galaxy Note 4 launch rumors put the launch on September 3rd.
  • Samsung always announces the Galaxy Note series in an around IFA, a popular trade show in Europe.
  • The Galaxy S5 event was deemed Unpacked Episode 1 and Samsung only uses these Unpacked events for big name smartphone launches.
  • The invite to the media event, seen below, is a dead giveaway.
The Galaxy Note 4 launch date will come just days before the iPhone 6 launch.

The Galaxy Note 4 launch date will come just days before the iPhone 6 launch.

It used to be that Samsung would announce vague release details at its announcements. Those days are gone. Now, the company typically announces concrete release details and we should see more of the same on September 3rd.

Live Stream

Those are extremely interested in the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note 4 release should know that Samsung will be hosting a live stream of the event in Berlin, Germany. Beijing and New York will serve as satellite events for the much larger stage in Germany.

The live stream will be available on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube page starting at 15:00 CEST. The stream will allow users to keep tabs on the events as they unfold. Those that can’t tune in and watch will simply need to rely on Samsung’s post-event information which will trickle out as soon as the cameras shut down for the day.

Fast Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Heavily Rumored

Ah yes, the actual Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date. The first key detail in regards to its release date is that rumors have continually pointed to a quick release, quicker than last year’s Galaxy Note 3 which launched September 4th and hit shelves on September 25th.

Korean media have suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 release will come early. We’ve seen the device’s model number show up in a carrier database well in advance. We’ve seen potential Galaxy Note 4 packaging appear ahead of time. And we also know that Samsung is under the gun due to the iPhone 6 launch that’s expected to take place just days after the Galaxy Note 4’s announcement.

Galaxy Note 4 Speakers

Nothing is confirmed of course but consumers should certainly be prepared for a release inside of the month of September at the very least as Samsung tries to ward off the competition.

Week of September 15th

Android Authority recently produced some interesting evidence that lines up with early Galaxy Note 4 release rumors and points to a Galaxy Note 4 release between September 15th and September 28th.

The evidence comes from a supposed Samsung employee who says Samsung sent in this document that outlines Paid Time Off (PTO) in September. The document outlines the dates that are blacked out for PTO. We see September 3rd to September 7th which spans across the Unpacked 2014 event and the first two days of IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. We also see September 15th to September 28th.

Galaxy Note 4 S Pen

As we’ve noted, September 15th may not represent the actual Galaxy Note 4 release date, the last two were released on Wednesday, but the document itself does back up rumors of an early Galaxy Note 4 release.

This document appears to be from someone within Samsung US so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see the U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date fall in and around the global release this time around. Last year, U.S. shoppers had to wait a few days.

U.S. Carriers

Rumor has it, the Galaxy Note 4 spec sheet will include support for five major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon. This means that consumers in the United States will likely able to pick and choose between different data plans, network options and perhaps, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pricing.

We still haven’t heard about the Galaxy Note 4 release date in the United States but again, the above leak seems to hint at a speedy Galaxy Note 4 release inside the United States.

Other Carriers

We’ve also heard about Galaxy Note 4 releases on several international carriers. Unsurprising given that the Galaxy Note series is a device that’s always launched on a global scale.


Rumors have pointed to a release on Bell in Canada (a sign that we should see most if not all top Canadian carriers offer the Galaxy Note 4) and we recently saw the Galaxy Note 4’s model number emerge at LG U+, a carrier in Korea. SamMobile believes that the Galaxy Note 4 will be heading to SK Telecom and KT in Korea, DoCoMo and KDDI in Japan, and China Open, China Telecom and China Mobile in China.

We expect the Galaxy Note 4 to land for more carrier than that but those are the only ones that have leaked out ahead of launch.

Gear VR

It appears that the Galaxy Note 4 release will also tie into two other Samsung releases. The company is expected to deliver at least two new devices including a new Gear VR headset.

This could be Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset.

This could be Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset.

The project, according to The Verge, is dubbed “Project Moonlight” and it appears that it will make its debut alongside the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd. Leaks point to a device that’s able to pair with a smartphone and deliver users to a whole new virtual world. The device is expected to feature goggles and a controller and Samsung is expected to open up an SDK to developers shortly after the announcement.

It’s not clear when Samsung plans to release its first virtual reality headset, a headset that’s rumored to have been co-developed with Oculus, but we should find out about the release and the specs on September 3rd.

Gear Solo

Back in January, Samsung executive Dennis Miloseski told Recode that the company would be launching new wearables alongside the new Galaxy S and new Galaxy Note in the fall.

Specifically, Miloseski told the publication that the company would release a mix of devices including some that “can operate independently and those that rely on a smartphone for part of their functionality.” Both the Gear 2 and the Gear Fit, which arrived alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 in April, depend on a smartphone to function.

samsung-gear-fit-review 3-X3

A report from Korean publication Yonhap suggests that we could see Samsung unveil a new wearable that can operate independently alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in September. It suggests that Samsung is working on a new product dubbed “Gear Solo” that will come with its own universal subscriber identity module (USIM) card, meaning, it can function without a smartphone.

Details about the actual device are slim though the publication suggests that it will not support LTE.

iPhone 6 Launch Date

Another key detail that prospective Galaxy Note 4 users need to know about is that the iPhone 6 launch event is slated to take place just six days after the Galaxy Note 4’s launch event on September 9th.

This close up is one of two new iPhone 6 photos that show a key part of the new iPhone design.

This close up is one of two new iPhone 6 photos that show a key part of the new iPhone design.

The date itself isn’t confirmed but Recode’s John Paczkowski is a solid source and it’s likely that Apple will confirm that date at some point between now and early September. We would not be surprised if Apple tried to take some steam out of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 launch on September 3rd with some news of its own.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Another important detail to keep in mind is that the Galaxy Note 4 release date could take place in and around the iPhone 6 release date. Apple is known for releasing its iPhones in and around two weeks after launch. It’s also known for releasing new iPhones on Friday. September 19th fits the criteria perfectly and unsurprisingly, the date is rumored to actually be the first of what could be two iPhone 6 release dates.

Phone 6 release date rumors have continued to point to two separate release dates for Apple’s iPhone 6. VentureBeat claims that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 release date will happen in September and that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 release date could arrive weeks later or perhaps, even a month later. This lines up with early iPhone 6 rumors including details from respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

These iPhone 6 photos show the new design in detail.

These iPhone 6 photos show the new design in detail.

In summary, here’s Apple’s potential iPhone 6 release timeline:

  • iPhone 6 announcement on September 9th.
  • iPhone 6 release date on September 19th. (Or September 26th, another Friday in late September.)
  • iOS 8 release somewhere between September 9th and September 26th.

This is important to Galaxy Note 4 users because of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 rumors. That device could potentially be the Galaxy Note 4’s nemesis in September and moving forward.

Galaxy Note 3 Price Drops

Finally, the last key detail. Prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers should note that last year’s model, the Galaxy Note 3, is slowly starting to drop in price.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 -  005-XL

We’ve already seen AT&T drop the price of the Galaxy Note 3 and we expect other carriers and retailers will follow suit either in the build up to the Galaxy Note 4 release or after the Galaxy Note 4 release itself. Right now, the Galaxy Note 3 is available for a mere $100 or less at Amazon but we would not be surprised if that price dropped even further after the arrival of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4.

Something to keep in mind should the Galaxy Note 4 not live up to expectations.

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