Galaxy Note 4 Release: 5 Things We Still Don't Know
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Galaxy Note 4 Release: 5 Things We Still Don’t Know



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch date is here and with it, tons of important details including information about the Galaxy Note 4 release date and specs. However, there are still some key bits that remain missing and here, we touch on the things we still don’t know about the Galaxy Note 4 release and when you can expect to find out about them.

In August, Samsung confirmed an Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event for September 3rd. The company did not say what the event would entail but rumors and teaser videos did the talking for it. Today, the company did the expected and announced the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a brand new Galaxy Note smartphone that replaces the Galaxy Note 3 as the company’s flagship. And as expected, the Galaxy Note 4 is a beauty.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note release features a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, speedy processor, new cameras, new software, a brand new S Pen, and a design that’s punctuated by textured plastic in the back and metal around the edges. It’s a beautiful package and one that will be coming to the United States and regions around the world in the weeks ahead.

Galaxy Note 4 release details remain MIA.

Galaxy Note 4 release details remain MIA.

While Samsung announced a number of important details at the event, it also left out some of the biggest Galaxy Note 4 details. Here, we want to take a look at those missing Galaxy Note 4 details and offer up our own expectations to those seeking answers. We expect Samsung and its carrier partners to clear the air in the weeks ahead but for now, prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers are left with a bit of mystery as we head deeper into the month of September towards the fall.

Global Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

Typically, Samsung announces a specific global release date for hundreds of different regions. That did not happen today at the Galaxy Note 4 launch event. Instead, Samsung offered up a broad release window for the Galaxy Note 4 that probably doesn’t instill any confidence in those looking to pick up the company’s next smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date will land in October but it’s still not clear exactly when it will touch down on shelves. We also don’t know the exact regions that Samsung is targeting with its October release. We’ve seen a number of carriers confirm the Galaxy Note 4 release for the fall but the global release date is extremely jumbled at this point.

Look for Samsung to confirm the exact release date in the coming days as the company keeps pace with Apple and the iPhone 6 that will almost certainly be announced on September 9th.

U.S. Galaxy Note 4 Release Dates

The U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date is confirmed for October but the exact release date remains missing in action. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon all confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 for arrival this fall though all of them remain mum about specific Galaxy Note 4 release dates.

This is a little strange given what we saw with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 releases but it could be that they’re waiting for Apple and the iPhone 6 before they make their move. Carriers like Verizon like to space out their flagship releases, sometimes to two weeks or so to avoid returns, so we could see these carriers release the device in early-to-mid October with plenty of time ahead of Black Friday and the holidays.

Look for U.S. carriers to confirm specific release dates ahead of time though not in the same day. U.S. carriers march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to Android hardware and software releases so we could see different announcement dates in addition to different release dates.

Galaxy Note 4 Price

Samsung and its U.S. carriers also failed to announce official pricing for the Galaxy Note 4. SamMobile claims that Samsung Benelux relayed a €800 in Europe and we’ve put together a rough sketch of the Galaxy Note 4 price in the United States but nothing is concrete and firm, at least not for users inside the United States.

A contest reveals the approximate Galaxy Note 4 price.

A contest reveals the approximate Galaxy Note 4 price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series usually is priced at $299.99 on-contract. Thanks to a contest at T-Mobile, we’ve determined that the Galaxy Note 4 could see a similar price across U.S. carriers when it arrives later this year. However, carriers haven’t made their plans known and likely won’t until they announce the device’s availability.

Look for U.S. carriers to charge something similar across the board as they look to stay competitive during the fall, Black Friday and the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders

Samsung did not announce Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders. We also didn’t see U.S. carriers announce any start date to early Galaxy Note 4 orders. The best we have right now are sign up pages and pre-registration that allows consumers to input their email addresses to stay up to date with official information from the top four carriers.

There is one clue though. Verizon’s sign up page does mention the word pre-order though there is no date attached and no other information available. Verizon hasn’t confirmed one way or the other and other carriers remain silent about the prospects.

If carriers do offer Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders, look for them to start a few weeks ahead of the upcoming October release date. We typically see a one to two weeks pre-order window for top Android smartphones and we could see something similar here.

Galaxy Note 4 Colors

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will be coming in four colors “Charcoal Black,” “Frost White,” “Bronze Gold,” and “Blossom Pink.” The company says that these four colors will hit global markets. The language seems to confirm these colors for all carriers and all markets but that hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung or any of the carriers that are opting to host the Galaxy Note 4.


This is a company that is known for offering exclusives on colors. It’s also a company that’s been known to delay colors other than the regular old black and white. So while we could see all of these colors land in October, there’s no guarantee that they’ll land for every single carrier and retailer in every region in the month of October. At least not yet. We expect carriers to fill in the blanks when they announce the start of orders and the Galaxy Note 4 release date.

At this point, these are the biggest Galaxy Note 4 mysteries. Samsung did a pretty good job of outlining most of the key details and we expect to see these mysteries cleared up in the next three weeks as these carriers in the United States prepare for the inevitable Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date.

We’ll be sure to update you when we hear about these key Galaxy Note 4 details.

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1 Comment

  1. UKTechguy

    09/03/2014 at 10:29 am

    Also …. will it have the ‘region locks’ even I’m sim free unlocked versions – will Knox continue to annoy many users – Will Chat-On and other ‘bundled’ apps be unremoveable – Will we really ever see a 64GB version available here in the UK – Will the card slot really only take 64GB max? As for the pricing, I expect Samsung are waiting to see how Apple price the iPhone 6 – after all, why give a price if nobody can actually buy it within the next few weeks?

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