Galaxy Note 4 Specs: 10 Exciting Details
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Galaxy Note 4 Specs: 10 Exciting Details



With a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch set for September 3rd, consumers are starting to gear up for an announcement. And while nothing is confirmed until Samsung takes the stage, Galaxy Note 4 rumors have led to a partial Galaxy Note 4 specs sheet that provides an early glimpse at one of the biggest smartphone launches of the year.

Every year, Samsung releases a brand new Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note series is known for its large screen and its bundled S Pen stylus that works in conjunction with unique software. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Note 3, is the company’s current version of the Galaxy Note. And while it offers some powerful specs, rumors suggest that it will be stripped of its flagship duties in just a few short weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors have been swirling for most of 2014 as the lead up to the fall, Samsung’s usual Galaxy Note release window. Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to see Galaxy Note 4 rumors firm up.

Last week, Samsung confirmed Galaxy Note 4 launch rumors with media invites for an Unpacked 2014 event on September 3rd. The event, which will take place in Berlin with smaller events in Beijing, China and New York City, will likely serve as the launch pad for the company’s new Galaxy Note. The media invites confirmed that detail ahead of time.

LG G3 vs Galaxy Note 3 - 4

We’ve also seen Galaxy Note 4 release rumors firm up around an arrival in September, perhaps much earlier than last year’s Galaxy Note 3 which launched on September 3rd and arrived on September 25th. Samsung is clearly scared of the iPhone 6, a device that’s also rumored for September, and could arrive as early as September 19th.

Finally, we’ve seen Galaxy Note 4 specs leak out ahead of time as consumers start to weigh the Galaxy Note 4 against top rivals including the iPhone 6, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s those rumored specs that we want to take a look at today.

Here, we detail what we think are the 10 most exciting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs to emerge out of the rumor mill in the last seven months.

Galaxy Note 4 Screen Size

Let’s start with some of the biggest changes that are said to be coming on board the new version of the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note series has always had a massive display. The first Galaxy Note sported a 5.3-inch display, large for its time, and we’ve seen Samsung push it all the way up to 5.7-inches.

The 5.7-inch display is still a great size for the Galaxy Note 4.

The 5.7-inch display is still a great size for the Galaxy Note 4.

The Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-inch display is perfect for an array of functions including gaming, browsing the web, and use with the device’s S Pen. It’s also large enough to share a movie with a friend on a long plane ride or a road trip. Any bigger and Samsung will push the Note further into niche territory with the Galaxy Mega. Any smaller and it gets too close to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5. 5.7-inches seems like the sweet spot and that’s exactly what rumors are suggesting for Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 rumors have continually pointed to a 5.7-inch display. To us, this is exciting because it will continue to provide tons of real estate for multitasking and gaming, hallmarks of the Galaxy Note series. It should also allow Samsung to keep the Galaxy Note 4’s design manageable. Again, if Samsung goes big it will alienate users, if it goes too small it won’t have enough separation between it and the Galaxy S5. Its size is unique.

Screen Resolution

Android smartphones always push the envelope when it comes to hardware specs and this year we’re seeing companies move from full HD displays to QHD (Quad HD) displays that offer ridiculous looking content.

The top 1080P display doesn't show as much detail as the WQHD display on the lower phone.

The top 1080P display doesn’t show as much detail as the WQHD display on the lower phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be coming with a large QHD (Quad HD) display. As we’ve pointed out, QHD resolution will offer higher resolution gaming, something that’s key on a device of this size, and it will also sharpen the look of movies, television shows and the software that’s on board.

Those unfamiliar with the benefits of QHD resolution can take a look at our buyers guide below. The LG G3 packs a QHD display and its one of the most impressive specs of on any smartphone right now.

New Processor

Every year, Samsung swaps out its Galaxy Note processor for something new. So it’s no surprise rumors indicate that we’ll see the Snapdragon 800 pulled in favor of the Snapdragon 805 from Qualcomm and perhaps, a 64-bit Exynos chip for select users outside of the United States.

At this point, the Snapdragon 805 appears to be the prime candidate for the United States. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 is one of its latest processing chips and it’s going to provide a pretty big boost for a device like the Galaxy Note 4, a device that has a focus on multitasking, gaming, and the stylus. It needs a ton of horsepower and its that horsepower is what helps separate it from other Android smartphones.

Galaxy Note 4 S Pen

This new processor is exciting for a number of reasons. First, it will provide better graphics for gaming. Here, Qualcomm explains the benefits of the Snapdragon 805’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU):

The new Adreno 420 GPU in the Snapdragon 805 processor is the first commercial mobile GPU to introduce hardware tessellation and geometry shaders, which provide greater detail for visually stunning, realistic scenes and objects in a manner that requires less memory bandwidth and lower power consumption.

So, better looking gaming and perhaps, better battery life for a series that’s already known for excellent battery life and gaming. The processor should also help to deliver better looking photos, better multitasking, and faster download speeds thanks to a new modem.

Improved Camera

In addition to the benefits of the new processing chip, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature a brand new camera that’s at least 16MP with optical image stabilization (OIS). OIS is a feature that’s been featured on other Android smartphones, the Nexus 5 and LG G3 in particular. It helps to cut down on shakiness in videos.

We could see a 16MP camera on the Galaxy Note 4.

We could see a 16MP camera on the Galaxy Note 4.

So better photos, better video (4k), and optical image stabilization. This is an exciting combo and one that has a good chance of showing up on the Galaxy Note 4 when it arrives this fall.

UV Sensor

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 arrived with an array of sensors including a heart beat sensor near the device’s rear camera that tracks, you guessed it, heart rate. The feature pairs up with the device’s S Health 3.0 application that focuses on user health. It’s an initiative that the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to continue as Samsung looks to match Apple’s new HealthKit feature in iOS 8 and the rumored iWatch.

A small sensor in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly measure UV radiation as part of Samsung’s continued push to a full body health and fitness solution.

The Galaxy Note 4 S Health app will measure UV radiation and offer education according to rumors.

The Galaxy Note 4 S Health app will measure UV radiation and offer education according to rumors.

This Galaxy Note 4 feature will alert users to unsafe UV Radiation levels to help protect the owner’s skin from damage. As we’ve pointed out, the feature could much more than bloat as it could allow the Galaxy Note 4 to alert owners when UV exposure is too high, so that they can wear the right clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen and get out of the sun when needed.

This might seem like an extremely small addition to the Galaxy Note 4 but in our eyes, it has the potential to be something pretty special, particularly those that like to go to the beach.

32GB of Storage

The Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to have 32GB of storage. This is exactly the same as last year’s Galaxy Note 3. The exciting part, to us, is that it means that the Galaxy Note 4 probably won’t be limited to 16GB like the Galaxy S5. It also means that there is a good chance we’ll see a microSD card slot on board for expanded storage.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If Samsung eliminates the microSD card slot it’s going to need to offer several storage options, similar to what Apple does with the iPhone and what Google does with the Nexus smartphone. One option simply won’t cut it.

The Galaxy S5 supports 128GB microSD cards. We expect the Galaxy Note 4 to support this standard as well, if it has a slot, which means that users should be able to expand to 160GB plus cloud storage.


The Galaxy Note 4 will either come with Android 4.4 KitKat (Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4 KitKat are possibilities) or Android L. At this point, with no Android L release in sight, we’re leaning toward Android 4.4 KitKat. This is exciting because it would mean that buyers won’t have to wait for the latest software upgrade.


We’re also expecting Samsung to upgrade the Galaxy Note 4 with new TouchWiz features. Here are a few software features that have been rumored ahead of time:

  • Smart Fingerprint –  It wasn’t fully detailed but it’s assumed that it has something to do with being able to customize a fingerprint reader for certain actions.
  • Multi Network for Booster –  Could be similar to the Download Booster feature on the Galaxy S5 that combines Wi-Fi and cellular data for faster download speeds.
  • Swipe to Launch Motion Launcher –  Could be similar to Motion Launch on the HTC One M8.
  • Aqua Capture – Possibly similar to the Aqua Mode found on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Aqua Mode allowed Galaxy S4 Active users to take photos underwater.

We’re expecting a fully loaded software feature set that includes the new look to TouchWiz that arrived with the Galaxy S5, a look that we like much better than the older version of the software. To get a feel for the differences, take a look at the video below:

New Colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s color scheme is expected to mirror the Galaxy S5’s. That means black, white, blue and gold, four extremely solid colors, and four colors that should have consumers excited. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 was announced in black, white and pink. This is certainly going to be an exciting upgrade if true.

Fingerprint Sensor

In July, two dozen Galaxy Note 4 apps listed in a leak included a variety of apks that will arrive installed on the Galaxy Note 4 later this year. One of those apks tipped a fingerprint reader, a feature that would not come as much of a surprise but would certainly be an exciting addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s specs.

A fingerprint reader is also likely part of the Galaxy note 4 specs.

A fingerprint reader is also likely part of the Galaxy note 4 specs.

This addition would not be too surprising as the Galaxy S5 offers this feature. Galaxy Note 4 rumors have also already pointed to a sensor built-in to the home button for unlocking and keeping apps and photos locked. The enhanced security and added security would be welcomed additions to a device that is made to be taken out on-the-go.


Finally, we expect the Galaxy Note 4 specs sheet to include support for five major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon. This means that consumers in the United States will be able to pick and choose between different data plans, network options and perhaps, Galaxy Note 4 pricing.



  1. Joey Smith

    08/11/2014 at 2:45 pm

    Samsung sucks! I’ll never buy another Samsung device. They don’t provide nice support, no updates. Forget that shit called Samsung.

  2. Michael Rodriguez

    08/11/2014 at 2:48 pm

    I agree with you Mr. Joey, I already sold my Galaxy S4, I’m getting a Motto G …

  3. yarrellray

    08/11/2014 at 4:33 pm

    It’s always been pretty plain and simple NOTHING beats SAMSUNG or the Galaxy Note products they are android nothing else matters.

  4. Chuck2

    08/11/2014 at 7:52 pm

    Love my note 3, never have glitches and it runs everything like a champ. I have never had a moto phone worth a flip. Will be getting the new note 4 as soon as it is available to me.

  5. Johnny Appleseed

    08/12/2014 at 7:50 am

    haters gonna hate

  6. Bob White

    08/12/2014 at 2:22 pm

    Samsung is about gimmicks and that’s about it. Interesting but it will be Apple for me.

  7. gigi

    08/12/2014 at 11:37 pm

    Will this work with the Gear 2?

  8. blity

    08/13/2014 at 4:08 am

    I hope that the looks get better this time!

  9. Joey Smith

    08/13/2014 at 12:59 pm

    Forget about it. Let’s leave Samsung, they don’t respect their customers. When it comes to updates, they’re really very slow. I’ve had the same experience that many others explain everywhere in other forums, my T Mobile S4 is a piece of crap after it was updated to kitkat 4.4.2 last february 14, 2014, I hate the phone and I’m willing to update it to 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 in order to see if it improves. I wish I could downgrade it to the oldest android version it had when I bought it. We have to move to Motorola, Nexus, HTC or whatever other phones, but Samsung SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dark Mode

    10/03/2017 at 11:24 am

    I got my Note 4 on day one and I wouldn’t trade it for any other phone. It just works and works great for everything I want to do with it. I can recommend it. I was working in Nigeria and bought it there: as a secondary android phone.

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