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Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 Video Rumor & Release Date Roundup



Samsung will show off the Galaxy Note 4 — giving users a higher resolution screen, upgraded design and offering the new Galaxy note to continue the big-screen experience complete with S-Pen that has come to define the phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the new Galaxy note for 2014 and this year it will compete with a big-screen iPhone 6 that will come with a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch screen option according to rumors. The Galaxy Note 4 release should come very soon after the announcement.

Although there are still some unknown Galaxy Note 4 features and information, leaks show many of the key details that users can expect.

Watch our 10-minute Galaxy Note 4 video for a look at the latest Galaxy Note 4 rumors including features, specs, design and release date.

Watch our 10-minute Galaxy Note 4 video for a look at the latest Galaxy Note 4 rumors including features, specs, design and release date.

If you are considering buying the Galaxy Note 3 or even the Galaxy Note 2, it’s a good idea to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 release, which will push down the prices of older models and let you make a smarter buying decision.

Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode 2 2014 is scheduled for September 3rd in Berlin at the start of IFA 2014. This is the conference Samsung uses to announce the new Galaxy Note smartphone each year, and the S Pen graphic on the invitation confirms that this event is for the Galaxy Note. Samsung is already showing the Galaxy Note 4 name in some advertisements, in case you need any more proof that the Note 4 is almost here.

Our Galaxy Note 4 video roundup offers a closer look at the latest Galaxy Note 4 features, specs and rumors as we move closer to the announcement and the Galaxy Note 4 release.

Galaxy Note 4 Video: Rumor Roundup

This 10 minute Galaxy Note 4 video summary covers the latest information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We use a Galaxy Note 3 in the video to highlight parts of the new device and share a leaked photo of the possible Galaxy Note 4 design. There is still no leaked Galaxy Note 4 video that shows the actual device, but based on past launches we could see something in the days before the announcement.

Check out our Galaxy Note 4 rumor roundup in the slides below that detail the design, release date, specs and other key information with photos and links to more information.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Rumors

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 event is on September 3rd at IFA 2014, with a satellite event in NYC. Expect to be able to watch the Galaxy Note 4 event live on YouTube as Samsung traditionally streams their announcements online.

We expect a very fast Galaxy Note 4 release date following the announcement. Although there are no specific dates available yet, one leak points to a Galaxy Note 4 release during the week of September 15th. At the very least we anticipate a U.S. Galaxy Note 4 in September or the very early part of October at the latest.

Samsung goes up against a larger screen iPhone 6 this year and it looks like the company plans to take the iPhone 6 head on. We could see an iPhone 6 release date on September 19th, later in the same week as a possible Galaxy Note 4 release.

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