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Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far



Battery Life & Charging

Battery Life & Charging

A huge problem for the Galaxy S6 was battery life. That powerful device had a tiny 2,550 mAh battery as we mentioned earlier, and it barely lasted 6 hours on a single charge.

Rumor has it the new Note 7 will have more space to employ a large 4,000 mAh or 4,200 mAh battery. That should last plenty long on top of Quick Charging, Wireless Charging and a new USB Type-C port.

In 2016 Samsung fixed this problem. So much that the the Galaxy S7 Edge has a bigger battery than the huge Note 5 with a smaller screen. If that's any indication, the Note 7 will pack a lot of power.

Along with a huge battery that lasts forever is a reversible and universal USB Type-C port (not micro-USB) and Quick Charge technology. Quick Charge 3.0 allows smartphones to recharge from 0-80% in around 35 minutes, which is just insane fast. Meaning a quick drive home or top-off while you're getting ready will give you more than enough for an entire day, maybe even 2. This on top of a large battery sets the Note 7 up for instant success. The Galaxy S6 had quick charging, but it will be faster this year, not to mention support Fast Wireless Charging technology too.

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