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Galaxy S III: What Will Samsung Call the Next Galaxy?



We’ve seen a lot of leaks about Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone but as of now, the official name of the device is unknown.

On May 3rd, Samsung will be announcing the next Galaxy smartphone. The smartphone is set to replace the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S II which replaced the original Galaxy S back in 2011.

And while it will be the third device in the series of Galaxy S smartphones. it’s unclear what Samsung will be call the device. That’s because security surrounding the phone is tighter than any Samsung product launch in history. Apparently, it’s so tight, many close to the launch still don’t know exactly what the phone might be called.

The device is currently known as the “Next Galaxy” so it’s safe to assume that Galaxy will be apart of the name.

But what might it be called exactly?

Let’s take a look.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The most logical choice for the name of the next Galaxy would be Samsung Galaxy S III. That’s because Samsung opted to use the roman numeral naming scheme for the Galaxy S II and that name is the name that is more familiar to most consumers.

Just like Apple does with its iPhone, this scheme would make it easy for the average consumer to differentiate between devices. And with so many Android devices dotting the smartphone landscape, names sometimes can sometimes be hard to remember.

Galaxy S III: What Will Samsung Call the Next Galaxy?

The name ‘Samsung Galaxy S III’ was recently seen in a benchmark of the device so it’s possible that this is the direction that Samsung will be headed with the naming of its next Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Another possibility is that Samsung will choose to ditch the roman numeral scheme and instead go with a much simpler name in ‘Samsung Galaxy S3’. Many people already write out the Galaxy S II as the Galaxy S2 so this moniker is not much of a stretch, especially when it doesn’t change the actual name of the phone.

This name has surfaced several times, most recently in a listing within Samsung’s Kies software.

Galaxy S III: What Will Samsung Call the Next Galaxy?

So it’s certainly possible that Samsung will switch things up and go with a simpler approach with the third version of their Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Next Galaxy/Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy S III: What Will Samsung Call the Next Galaxy?

As it stands, ‘Next Galaxy’ is what Samsung is calling the device that it will be announcing in just a few short days. It’s also possible that Samsung might drop the number scheme altogether and market the device as the Samsung Galaxy. These are both long shots but, in the world of Samsung smartphones, stranger things have happened…

One Thing It Should Not Do…

Last year, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S II. And when it did so, it allowed American carriers to re-brand handsets for their networks. So, the Samsung Galaxy S II on Sprint became the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

Yes, that really is its official name.

In fact, Samsung allowed American carriers to do the same thing with the original Galaxy S which launched on AT&T as the Samsung Captivate, on Sprint as the Samsung Epic 4G, on T-Mobile as the Samsung Vibrant and on Verizon as the Samsung Fascinate.

This style of branding confuses average customers and clearly, that is a market that Samsung is after as it tries to catch Apple and the iPhone in the smartphone market.

Taking a more unified approach with the naming would not only help consumers to more easily identify the device but it would also would make it easier for Samsung to market the device in the United States.

What do you think Samsung will call the next Galaxy smartphone?



  1. Charbax

    04/25/2012 at 5:59 pm

    They should call it Samsung Quasar, Samsung Andromeda or Samsung Hydra. Galaxies have awesome names, Samsung should simply use the most awesome galaxy names. That I think brings the best marketing, best market positioning, makes each generation more special, more desirable, more durable, more valuable as new skews, new devices come out every 2 weeks.

  2. Pauljohn23

    04/25/2012 at 6:39 pm

    i think it will still be S3 , given the date they will release it. It resemble the name doesn’t it? “S 3” to May 3 = “5.3”.2012. The five resembles a “S” to me.  what do you think?

  3. Q

    05/03/2012 at 12:55 pm

    They should call it


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