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Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Brings Rumors to Life



A new Samsung Galaxy S6 concept brings Galaxy S6 rumors and specs to life ahead of the device’s highly anticipated launch date later this year.

As we march towards Samsung’s Unpacked event on March 1st, we’re starting to hear a lot about the company’s rumored Galaxy S6 smartphone. Galaxy S6 rumors are rampant and they hint at everything from the Galaxy S6 specs to the Galaxy S6 release date. Many of those Galaxy S6 rumors have firmed up and we’ve started to see pieces fall into place ahead of Samsung’s big announcement.

The Galaxy S6 design has been a focal point of Galaxy S6 rumors and leaks and right now, all signs point to a shift to a premium design that could offer metal or glass or both. Recent leaks indicate that Samsung will be shifting to a metal design as the company looks to build off the premium Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha designs.

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This beautiful Galaxy S6 concept brings Galaxy S6 rumors to life.

This beautiful Galaxy S6 concept brings Galaxy S6 rumors to life.

We still don’t know what the Galaxy S6 will look like exactly but designers have taken it upon themselves to create Galaxy S6 concepts that rope in the latest Galaxy S6 rumors. A new Samsung Galaxy S6 concept from Italian blog HDBlog offers a realistic looking concept that brings the most credible Galaxy S6 rumors into reality.

This Galaxy S6 concept looks real enough to be the real deal though it’s entirely based on leaked Galaxy S6 specifications. The concept, made by Andrea Sanso, delivers a premium design that includes metal materials and what appears to be a glass back. Galaxy S6 rumors have pointed to these exact changes though they, like all Galaxy S6 rumors, remain unconfirmed.


The concept also features all of the usual sensors including a camera situated on the middle-back of the design and a home button that will almost certainly include an upgraded fingerprint sensor. Samsung’s rumored to be switching from a swipe-based fingerprint sensor to a touch-based fingerprint sensor like the one found on the iPhone 6.

In fact, this design appears to be influenced by the iPhone 6, something that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Galaxy S6 rumors indicate that Samsung’s new Galaxy S flagship could borrow at least a few features from Apple’s flagship smartphone and include features like a non-removable battery. Credible Galaxy S6 leaks indicate that the device’s chassis will be sealed meaning consumers won’t be able to swap out the battery for an extended one.

Removable batteries have been a hallmark of Samsung’s Galaxy S designs though with the switch to premium materials, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be the first to shun the feature.


The release of this detailed metal Galaxy S6 concept comes on the heels of several major Galaxy S6 leaks. Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors point to a collection of high-powered specifications including a souped up Quad HD display, Exynos 64-bit processor, 20MP camera with OIS, wireless charging, a new payment system, four new colors, and a release on all five major carriers in the United States which includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 launch date is expected on March 1st at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. There, the company is expected to detail all of the Galaxy S6 specs and Galaxy S6 release details to consumers around the world.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date is all but confirmed, the release date is not. Rumors suggest that Samsung’s Next Big Thing could arrive two to three weeks earlier than usual which means that we could see the Galaxy S6, and all of its new features, emerge in late March or early April. Samsung’s last two Galaxy S models arrived in April.

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