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Exciting Galaxy S6 Release Details Tease Buyers



The Samsung Galaxy S6 release is inching closer and today, a collection of new exciting details have emerged ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date on March 1st.

As we approach Samsung’s Unpacked event on March 1st, we continue to see new Galaxy S6 release details float to the surface and tease those who are interested in Samsung’s Next Big Thing. Some of these details are coming from third-party sources while others are coming from Samsung itself. All of them are helping to build excitement ahead of the upcoming Galaxy S6 launch.

Today, Samsung released a new Galaxy S6 teaser that hints at the arrival of a new design. The teaser, which the company posted on Twitter, suggests that the Galaxy S6 will come with a metal design that could include glass. Galaxy S6 design rumors have, all along, pointed to a premium build and it appears that the company is set to deliver a brand new design language with the 2015 Galaxy S.

Samsung’s not the only one prepping for the Galaxy S6 release though. Galaxy S6 accessory manufacturers are also using the incoming Galaxy S6 launch as a springboard for their own products. Spigen, a company that’s well known for announcing products for unreleased devices, is currently touting its Galaxy S6 cases on its website. In fact, the company is so confident in its products that it’s currently offering them up for pre-order, right now, days ahead of the Galaxy S6 launch date.

Right now, the website is touting nine different Galaxy S6 accessories that come in an assortment of colors at a number of different price points. Spigen’s accessories feature an April 1st release date which is likely just a placeholder and not a concrete Galaxy S6 release date. The Galaxy S6 is rumored to be coming out soon after its launch so we could potentially see it arrive in and around April 1st.

Spigen’s not the only one teasing Galaxy S6 release details. ItsSkins, in a post on Facebook, suggests that it will be putting its own Galaxy S6 cases up for pre-order on March 15th. That date comes just a few weeks after the Galaxy S6 launch date on March 1st and a few days before Samsung’s expected to release the Galaxy S6. Current Galaxy S6 release date rumors point to an arrival in and around the week of March 22nd though a specific date remains out of reach.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept - gottabemobile - 17

These new details come just a few days after Carphone Warehouse, a huge retailer in the United Kingdom, posted its first Galaxy S6 splash page ahead of the Unpacked event. The sign up page points to a Galaxy S6 release for carriers in the United Kingdom but it also allows interested parties to sign up to obtain information directly from the retailer itself.

Carphone Warehouse isn’t the first company to try and capitalize on the Galaxy S6’s buzz either. We’ve seen accessory makers continue to tease their Galaxy S6 cases ahead of Samsung’s announcement. We’ve also seen Belsimpel post a splash page teasing the arrival of the Galaxy S6 in advance. Vodafone Netherlands used to have a Galaxy S6 splash page up though the carrier has since taken it down. We’ve even seen known Galaxy S6 model numbers emerge on Samsung’s website.

Galaxy S6 specs will supposedly include a 5.1-inch Quad HD display, Exynos 7 chip from Samsung, a 16MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a 5MP front-facing camera, tons of storage space, Android 5.0 Lollipop featuring a toned down version of the company’s TouchWiz user interface, and a whole lot more.

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