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Bizarre Galaxy S6 Teaser Calls Out Rumors



A bizarre Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser calls out Galaxy S6 rumors in the buildup to the company’s March 1st Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain.

As we march towards Samsung’s March 1st launch event, companies have been teasing the Galaxy S6 specs and Galaxy S6 release. Samsung’s Twitter account has actively promoted numerous Galaxy S6 specs and we’ve even seen it hint at the elusive Samsung Galaxy S6 design. Yesterday, U.S. carrier confirmed a Galaxy S6 release ahead of the device’s launch date with a series of teasers that promote its unique design.

Samsung Norway is doing things a little bit different. The company, in an attempt to drum excitement for the Unpacked event on March 1st, has posted a strange Galaxy S6 teaser that appears to highlight details from the Galaxy S6 rumor mill. The teaser features five Galaxy S6 rumors and at the end, a countdown for the company’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress.

A Galaxy S6 teaser calls out Galaxy S6 rumors.

A Galaxy S6 teaser calls out Galaxy S6 rumors.

The first Galaxy S6 “rumor” featured is one about front-facing speakers. While some sites have taken this to mean that the Galaxy S6 itself could feature front-facing speakers, we haven’t seen any credible rumors mention front-facing speakers in the buildup to the Galaxy S6 launch event. Galaxy S6 design leaks don’t show stereo front-facing speakers either.

The second Galaxy S6 rumor speaks to the device’s durability. Apparently, the Galaxy S6 is supposed to be durable and the company’s created an odd concept sitting on a cushion to reflect that. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 design is expected to be made out of metal and possibly glass though it’s not expected to retain the water resistance that’s a hallmark of the Galaxy S5 design.

Samsung Norway’s third Galaxy S6 rumor is one that we’ve seen rumored over and over again. A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that we’ll see Samsung introduce a Galaxy S6 model with a three-sided display. The device is expected to feature a screen that wraps over both the right and left sides of the device adding new viewing angles and perhaps, a new space to store icons and more.

A Galaxy S6 Edge is all but confirmed for arrival at this point thanks to numerous rumors, leaks, and the arrival of known Galaxy S6 Edge model numbers. The device, however, probably won’t look like the device featured in Samsung Norway’s teaser.


Next, the company calls out a rumor about the Galaxy S6 display size. Early Galaxy S6 rumors hinted at a jump to 5.5-inches though as the rumor mill’s matured, Galaxy S6 rumors have settled on a 5.1-inch Quad HD display.

Finally, the teaser seems to poke fun at the Galaxy S6 design. The site cites a “rumor” that points to an “all-glass” Galaxy S6 design. Galaxy S6 rumors have never pointed to an “all-glass” design. Instead, they’ve pointed to a combination of metal and glass. The full on Galaxy S6 design still isn’t confirmed though Galaxy S6 concepts have outlined what to expect from this year’s form factors.

This odd teaser comes on the heels of several Galaxy S6 teasers in the United States. AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint all posted Galaxy S6 teasers that not only offer sign up pages for potential customers but also confirm the device’s curved display. AT&T’s website also notes that it expects to release the phone in Spring 2015, after the March 1st launch date.

Best Buy is ready or the Galaxy S6 release date.

Best Buy is ready or the Galaxy S6 release date.

Samsung and its carrier partners are the only ones prepping for a Galaxy S6 release. We recently discovered a placeholder for the Samsung Galaxy S6 inside of a Best Buy location, another sign that the Galaxy S6 release in the U.S., and perhaps in general, could come a little bit faster than years past. We’ve also seen international retailers, carriers, and even Samsung itself start teasing the Galaxy S6’s arrival ahead of its launch date.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is widely expected to feature a number of big time upgrades including a 5.1-inch Quad HD display, a new design that features premium materials, a swipe-based fingerprint sensor, tons of internal storage, an upgraded 16MP camera, an improved front-facing camera, a new Exynos 7 octo-core processor, Android 5.0 Lollipop with a toned down version of TouchWiz, and more.

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