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Leaked Galaxy S8 Photos Reveal Sleek New Design



Multiple new photos have surfaced potentially giving buyers their first look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. From what we’re hearing Samsung’s new phone isn’t coming for a few more months. However, that hasn’t stopped the leaks. As 2017 moves ahead the Galaxy S8 rumors continue to arrive. Below are the most recent photos, including new case leaks.

Following the success of the Galaxy S7 and trying to rebound from the recalled Note 7, the Galaxy S8 has a lot of hype around it. Prospective buyers can read everything we know about it with our link below. Then, check out these photos giving us a look at its sleek new design.

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Over the past few weeks Galaxy S8 rumors have turned on full blast. Everything from a bezel-free design, 4K display or even a fingerprint scanner built into the glass screen. Meaning no more physical buttons. That’s exactly what’s being pictured below. The first photo is reportedly a prototype, and now case manufacturers have released offerings already. Could this really be the Galaxy S8?

If case leaks are right, this could be the Galaxy S8

If case leaks are right, this could be the Galaxy S8

It’s worth noting that in the coming weeks and months a lot of leaks and information will surface. Some need to be taken with a grain of salt. Readers can expect leaks that are fake, concept images, or photoshopped photos by excited fans. Not to mention prototype devices appear but will never actually be released.

With February and Mobile World Congress quickly approaching, case manufactures and retailers have started releasing photos of upcoming products. Like cases to protect the Galaxy S8. Below is the latest image that is making the rounds. It matches earlier images, leaks, and information we’ve acquired.

The Galaxy S8 could ditch the home button

The Galaxy S8 could ditch the home button

Here we see what looks like the description from rumors. While there’s no dual camera on the rear, the back is redesigned. Readers will quickly notice no front or rear fingerprint scanner. That’s because it will likely be embedded inside the glass. Basically right above the Samsung logo on that thin bottom bezel. Touch the glass to scan a fingerprint and instantly unlock the device.

We also see no power/sleep button on the right side. This suggests it was moved to the left along with the volume rocker. However, we’re also hearing there will be a dedicated Samsung Bixby AI button. At this point nothing is confirmed so this photo is exciting yet confusing.

That isn’t all either, another was spotted on a Chinese website, shown below. According to SamMobile this “could be” the Galaxy S8. This device was found on the Chinese site Weibo. This one matches leaks and rumors of smaller bezels and a bigger display too, but does look a little odd. One bezel is bigger than the other, which makes it suspicious. Not to mention it looks identical to the top of a Galaxy S6.


Our newly received leaked photo corroborates basically every report thus far regarding the design. Nearly 90% screen on the front, no physical hardware buttons, and other things. It’s a sleek design that many will love, if it’s real.

Rumors tease the Galaxy S8 will have a 5.7-inch display, and a bigger Galaxy S8 Edge or Plus will be 6.2-inches. All while fitting in the same physical shell as earlier models. Screens will be bigger, but our phones won’t. This is made possible by the extremely thin bezels shown above.

What’s strange, is there are no on-screen keys in the image above. Most stock Android devices have on-screen keys, which is likely the route Samsung will take with its new phone. However, we should see them in the settings menu. That said, when scrolling they auto-hide to give owners that full screen experience. A swipe up makes them return.

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Furthermore, we don’t see the presence of an Infrared Iris Eye scanner. A feature expected to come to the Galaxy S lineup after debuting on the Galaxy Note 7 in late 2016. The shadows also suggest a 3.5mm headphone jack. All prior rumors claim Samsung will ditch this in favor of wireless and USB Type-C headphones. Similar to Apple and other Android manufacturers.

At the end of the day it’s hard to speculate on what we’re seeing here. One is a physical device or prototype, while the other is just a case maker mockup. Who knows at this point.

In past years Samsung’s devices leak with markings, weird lines around the buttons, or masked completely in cases to hide the final design. Seeing a full device this early is unrealistic. Even more so given the fact that three different reports all suggest a delayed release date. Claiming Samsung could push the launch back to April for improved safety inspections.

Either way, a fresh new design is coming soon. Do these images look real and do you like what you see? Let us know in the comment section below.

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