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Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy Note 5: Worth the Upgrade?



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Galaxy S8+ Price

Galaxy S8+ Price

Ok so you love how all of this sounds, so when can you get one? Right now from every major carrier, most smaller regional carriers, and even with pre-paid options. 

Samsung's new phones are priced pretty high but most Note 5 users are likely eligible for an upgrade. That or you can get on a payment plan and make monthly payments to cover the cost of the Galaxy S8+. That's the logical step for potential owners. 

The retail price is $749 for the Galaxy S8 and $849 for the Galaxy S8+. The Plus can be found for $740 at Walmart, and other carriers have lower prices by a little bit. It's available in Black, Silver and Gray. Those are the only colors available in the US.

The Note 5 isn't sold anymore from carriers, at least in stores, but can be found online for under $400, most likely used. Most carriers will get you a Galaxy S8+ for around $30 a month or so, which is manageable for most. 

We hope you now have a better idea of what's available and if the S8+ is right for you. In our opinion, it should be a great upgrade for all Note 5 owners. 

6 / 6


  1. Michael

    05/03/2017 at 8:56 am

    ‘Tall and skinny’ is the problem for us Note lovers. We would have loved a ‘not so tall’ but something equally wide as our Note 5. It’s always much easier to type in portrait mode on a Note 5. And sadly the S8 and the S8 plus are a little too skinny to type in portrait mode. It’s one of the reasons I sold my S7 edge and bought myself another Note 5. Hoping the Note 8 (if there is one) will be at least as wide as the Note 5.

  2. Ksh

    05/19/2017 at 8:58 pm

    S8 plus ‘s camera is not good as comparison to note 5

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