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Gameloft Launches Website for Modern Combat 4



Gameloft’s popular Modern Combat series will reach its fourth iteration this year, and Gameloft recently launched a website to provide gamers with news on the new game coming to the iPhone, iPad and Android later this year.

The website currently hosts a few images from Modern Combat 4 as well as an extended reveal trailer. There are also a few blog posts from developers behind the game. From the looks of the website Gameloft is doing all it can to slowly reveal information on the highly anticipated game over time.

The website’s guide section does give detailed information about two maps in the game, but the other the website “locked” the six maps. Information on the game modes and two of the four specializations are also locked. The information provided seems very basic, but we’re sure Gameloft will unveil more information as the game’s release gets closer.

Also locked on the website is the community section. Touch Arcade speculates that it will likely show leaderboards, which sounds reasonable. Modern Combat is a popular multiplayer choice among mobile gamers, so it makes sense that Gameloft would give them the option see where they stand on the boards when not on their iOS or Android device.

On a more cynical note, online stats on the browser are also offered in the Call of Duty series, which Modern Combat borrows from liberally. it makes sense for Gameloft to borrow everything it can from Activision’s series as long as it doesn’t stray into copyright violation territory.

Unfortunately we don’t know when Modern Combat 4 will release. We only know that it will come to the iPhone and iPad App Store and Google Play Store sometime this fall.



  1. ttayw

    10/14/2012 at 6:16 pm

    no hackers pls

  2. Derek

    11/25/2012 at 11:58 am

    Plzzzzz come out with it soon

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