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Gameloft’s Wild Blood Now Available for iPhone & iPad for $6.99



Wild Blood, the first Unreal Engine game from Gameloft is finally available in the iOS App Store for $6.99.

Now that Wild Blood is available we finally know the story behind the game’s action. The character with the glowing sword is Sir Lancelot of Authurian legend. Lancelot has to save the world from demons after King Arthur’¬†sister, sorceress Morgana Le Fey, tricks him into open the Hellgate.

Sir Lancelot has to battle through the demons on his way to confront Arthur and Morgana so he can save his love, Arthur’s wife Queen Guinevere.

The other Knights of the Round Table appear in the game as well. They help Lancelot fight his way through the 10 levels of the game on his journey to the final confrontation in Avalon.

Throughout the game Lancelot fights 20 enemies and a number of bosses using a variety of weapons including his glowing sword, axes, and longbows. Gameloft describes the melee and ranged combat in the game as “intense, spectacular, and gory.”

When players grow bored of guiding Lancelot through the hordes of demons they can play against their friends online. Wild Blood offers two multiplayer modes for up to eight players. The modes include a 4v4 multiplayer deathmatch and a capture the flag game. The multiplayer modes are either online or local with every player connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Android version of WIld Blood will hit the Google Play Store later this month. Hopefully it won’t have the same device restrictions as Horn when it does launch on Google’s platform.

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