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Get Ready to Swipe Your Credit Card With a Smartphone Camera



We’re all lazy enough that you have wished for the ability to pay for something by holding our credit card up to the screen instead of tying it out again and again.

If you’re lucky, you may not need to type in your credit card information ever again. Netswipe is a new online payment platform that can capture your credit card information with your computers webcam, so you never have to enter the 16 digit number again.

But wait, it gets even better. Netswipe is working on a mobile version which would capture payment credit cards with a smartphone camera. The Netswipe Mobile app is aimed at merchants who would otherwise need a dedicated credit card machine or a small dongle like Square. The Netswipe mobile app is coming in late 2011 for Android and iPhone and will allow mobile business owners to securely take credit card payments with a snap.

Here is an example of how the payment solution works on a computer.

netswipe mobile

Another new way to pay.

Jumio will face an uphill battle for smartphone and mobile payments when it arrives this fall. In addition to the large number of businesses already using Square to take payments, we are set to see an influx of NFC smartphones which aim to take the physical credit card out of the transaction completely when combined with software like Google Wallet.

Like NFC, Jumio faces the challenge of changing consumer behavior. While shoppers are already familiar with swiping their credit cards, they aren’t ready to have a stranger using a smartphone camera to take a payment. To many, this may appear to be a rogue employee trying to steal their credit card information.

As a consumer it would be cool to see this technology work its way into apps I use to make purchases. This way I can use it to enter my credit card info instead of tapping out the digits on a tiny touchscreen.




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