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Get Your Colors On! Moto Maker Officially Launches for AT&T Customers Today



Prospective buyers of Google-owned Motorola Mobility’s flagship Moto X smartphone who desire a bit more customization will be happy to know that the Moto Maker design studio has officially launched. Starting today, AT&T Mobility subscribers can head over to the Moto Maker studio to customize the color options on their phones, with options to change the color of the rear plate, front color, the side trims, and button colors.

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In addition to the hardware customization, Google will also allow users to customize some of the software, including options to personalize the wallpaper and include your Google ID so you don’t have to manually enter it when you initially power on the phone.

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Moto X has been making a big splash given that it’s assembled in the U.S. in Motorola’s Fort Worth, Texas factory. Initially, the customization and shipping process was promised to be under four days, but Motorola became more conservative with those plans after overwhelming initial demand for the phone.

The Moto X with its assortment of color choices will likely compete against Apple’s rumored and forthcoming iPhone 5C, a device that’s widely believed to be announced next month alongside a flagship iPhone 5S. Users interested in colorful smartphones and interested in the iOS platform should wait for Apple’s announcement before taking the Google plunge. Additionally, Nokia also makes a colorful line of Lumia smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone ecosystem.

Rival carrier Verizon Wireless had confirmed that later this year, likely after a time-limited AT&T exclusive expires, Moto Maker studio will also be available for its own customers. A standard version in either black or white hues without customization from Verizon will be available starting on Thursday, according to that carrier.

In addition to custom colors, Motorola had also teased about a wood back panel that will be available in the future. This would shell would be in lieu of the plastic color option.

The phone could also be etched with a signature or tagline, though Motorola had indefinitely postponed that option for laser engraving given early difficulties with the process.

Also, Motorola says that starting today, you can also begin to order the Moto X directly from Motorola without having to sign a two-year contract. The full retail price for the phone is $579. Contract-adverse customers can also sign up for either AT&T’s, Verizon’s, or T-Mobile’s no-contract plans that promise earlier upgrades. The phone will also be coming to Sprint as well. A developer edition (Google Play Edition) is also forthcoming.

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At this time, Motorola had stated that the Moto X will be limited to North America and won’t be headed to Europe. Other models of the Moto X family line would debut later this year and may be destined for Europe.

Unfortunately, though, AT&T customers who want to customize a Moto X at this time will have to sign a two-year service agreement with that carrier according to reports we’ve heard earlier.

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