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Gingerbread Coming to the Droid 2 After Droid 3 Launches



After several delays, a leaked document shows the Droid 2 Global getting Gingerbread soon after the Droid 3 launches.

When will the Droid 3 launch, you may ask? While nothing official has been confirmed, the latest signs point to July 7. That day also appears to be the day that unlimited data goes away for new Verizon customers, and tiered plans make their grand entrance to the ball. Apparently Big Red wants to make sure all new customers adopting its latest flagship device will be on tiered data plans (existing customers are grandfathered in).

While the Droid 3 will launch with a new version of MotoBlur UI, the Droid 2’s Gingerbread update should keep the classic look.

The source does note that this update is listed as “expected,” which likely means that it’s still a work in progress behind Motorola’s doors (and therefore not guaranteed at that time). Motorola builds of Android 2.3 have been rumored to be quite buggy – hence the delays.

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  1. DroidOwner4Life

    07/01/2011 at 8:17 pm

    thats dumb because motorola and verizon failed on gingerbread for such phones as this. I currently have a droid 2 global and am getting the droid 3 the day it comes out. So to wait this long for gingerbread is a waste of time to even release

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