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Go Hands on With Android 4.0 in Samsung Galaxy Nexus Videos



Today is a big day for Google and Samsung has the former just launched its latest software, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the latter just released its second Nexus smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Both are highly anticipated and will likely be bought by many that have never used Android let alone, Android 4.0. If that sounds familiar, don’t fret. The companies have posted some how to videos to help get you started.

What we have here are a series of videos showing off some of the basic features of Android 4.0 and Android. From how to change wallpapers, to creating folders, to using the new Android Beam feature, it’s all here.

So whether you’re a seasoned vet diving into Android 4.0 for the first time or a newcomer that’s just jumped on the Android bandwagon, you’ll probably find something useful within these videos.

Getting Started

A few pointers on how to get started with your new smartphone and the software on board.

Face Unlock

A look at Android 4.0’s new Face Unlock feature where you can use your mug to unlock your device for use.


Familiarize yourself with the Galaxy Nexus’ homescreen.

Android Beam

Android Beam is new to Android and it lets you share everything from websites, to contacts, to YouTube videos, to locations with friends using an NFC device, just by touching the backs of the phones.


A quick look at the new multi-tasking in Android 4.0.


Android 4.0 brings along some new camera features including the new Panorama mode.


This video shows you how to quickly create folders to store all of your favorite software.

Changing Wallpapers

How to change the background on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Favorites Tray

And last but not least, a guide on how to optimize your Favorites Tray which will allow for easy access to your most used apps.


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