Good News Verizon Customers, Windows Phone Love Seems Inevitable Now

Last week, Josh if the Nokia Lumia 900 could be Windows Phone’s “Droid”. I think with AT&T, it can well at a lower level, but there’s no way it will reach “Droid” status. It definitely won’t succeed at that level if an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 isn’t on the docket, which is unknown at this point.  It won’t be the “Droid” for sure if there is any truth to what Paul Thurrott is saying. Paul is saying that no current Windows Phones will be upgraded to WP8. Last week a Microsoft Evangelist said that all current models would receive the upgrade. That statement was later retracted.

When the news that Verizon CFO Fran Shammo was talking up Verizon’s interest in Windows Phone, Shawn asked a similar question. I doubt seriously that Verizon would put the same effort into Windows Phone as they did with the wonderfully successful “Droid” campaign that, in my opinion, helped Android’s success tremendously. When friends ask me questions about their “Droid”, when they are using AT&T Samsung Galaxy S variants, it’s apparent that Verizon did a great job marketing the “Droid”. With the poor sales of the HTC Trophy and the whole KIN thing, I’m thinking that Verizon might be a bit cautious with jumping all in with Microsoft again.

I have been all over Verizon and Microsoft on Twitter about  the lack of a good Verizon Windows Phone 7.5 offering. Since Verizon is the carrier I use and I want to use Windows Phone, I have selfishly been hammering on this topic. Microsoft needs Verizon and Sprint to get behind Windows Phone for it to succeed. The news that Verizon is in deed looking to jump onboard when Windows Phone 8 is launched is definitely good news. I wish it would happen much sooner, but I suppose I can wait.

More good news for Verizon customers popped up this weekend. According to Phone Arena, a handset identified as a Windows Phone 8 device running on Verizon’s network showed up in some mobile speed tests on DSL Report.

DSL Report’s mobile speed test shows the User Agent belonging to a pair of Windows Phone 8 handsets, the Nokia Fluid and the Qualcomm Fluid. The latter showed up on Verizon with some zippy speeds most likely indicating the presence of LTE connectivity.

This device name has popped up in the stats of other websites as well. I wonder if I could spoof some rumor by editing the build.prop on my Android phone?

I have no doubt, after the news about Verizon and Windows Phone over the last week, that Verizon will be getting involved. They would stupid not to. I don’t think Windows Phone is going to go away anytime soon. Like I said, Microsoft needs Verizon onboard as well.

Are you waiting for Verizon to get with the Windows Phone program too?