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Google: 250 Million Android Devices Activated, 11 Billion Apps Downloaded



During its Q4 earnings call today, Google announced some pretty impressive figures in terms of its reach in the mobile space. In addition to announcing the $10 billion that his company brought in last quarter, CEO Larry Page announced that there are now 250 million Android devices in the world and those users have downloaded a mind-boggling 11 billion applications from the Android Market.

These milestones come just a few weeks after the company revealed that it was activating 700,000 Android devices daily, a number that only includes devices that have built-in cellular and mobile broadband support.

That means that Wi-Fi only models, like Google TV and Wi-Fi only tablets weren’t included, meaning that number could potentially be much higher.

The company also announced that a whopping 3.7 million Android devices were activated during Christmas weekend alone.


As for the Android Market, that 11 billion applications downloaded figure comes just over a month after Google revealed that the Market had surpassed the 10 billion apps downloaded mark.

Not bad, not bad at all.

And with the Mobile World Congress coming up, and companies expected to unveil a bunch of new smartphones, we can only assume that both of those figures will shoot up again when Google reports its quarter one results.

Needless to say, Android is huge right now and it will be interesting to see how much bigger it is at the same time in 2013, especially with manufacturers like Motorola saying they will release fewer devices during 2012.


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