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Google Adds Zavers Coupons to Google Wallet



Google has launched a new service called Zavers, which will help consumers save with mobile coupons that integrate directly with smartphones and with tie-ins to Google Wallet digital wallet app. Unfortunately, with the Google Wallet tie-in, the service will only be available to subscribers on Sprint and U.S. Cellular in the U.S., Nexus customers, and those who purchase an unlocked and compatible Android device as Google Wallet is restricted on AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless.

With Zavers, Google users will be able to clip digital coupons and add those to their accounts. When customers pay for goods and services at physical retail stores, they can hold their NFC-enabled phone up to the NFC reader to pay for their products and the Zavers coupons would automatically be applied.


Venture Beat is reporting that Zavers coupons will be personalized to each user based on location, search history, and other variables. Merchants would be able to deliver relevant coupons to their customers, and track coupons and redemption rates. Only when a product is sold would manufacturers pay for the service.

With Zavers, shoppers find manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer websites, and save the digital coupons to their accounts. Then they simply shop for those products and check out as usual. Redemption occurs in real time, with savings automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers provide their rewards cards or phone numbers—no scanning or sorting necessary. Manufacturers only pay when a product is moved off the shelf.

While the service is nice, the limited adoption of Google Wallet in the U.S. due to limited availability of the service may hinder the success of Zavers. For Google Wallet to be successful, other carriers would need to adopt the service and not block Google Wallet from phones that they support on their networks.

The Zavers service will help Google expand beyond traditional AdWords advertising online. While coupons provide benefits to consumers and merchants, Google could also harness consumer shopping data as well through the process.

The Internet search giant will be showcasing Zavers this week at the National Retail Federation Convention & Expo.

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