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Google Calendar iPhone App Release Rumors Emerge



Google has a handful of apps available for iOS, but one app that many iPhone users are really wanting is a Google Calendar apps. Thanks to some leaked screenshots, the release date for that app could be right around the corner.

The Next Web has shared some screenshots of what are said to be from Google’s upcoming Calendar app for iOS. Google Calendar has been available on Android devices for a while, and it was even overhauled back in November. It now looks like that overhaul will be making its way to iOS at some point — hopefully in the very near future, as the app looks to be nearly complete.

The screenshots don’t show off a lot of what we can expect from the calendar app, but it does look like it will come with the latest Material Design layout that we’ve seen on Android, which is definitely a good thing. However, the screenshots do tell us Gmail, Google Photos and Google Maps integration will be big features within the app.


Other than that, details are pretty scarce at this point, and there’s no timeline as far as when we could the app release, but it will most likely be sooner rather than later, as the app looks nearly finished from what we can see from the screenshots, although there could be some background changes that still need to be made on Google’s end.

Google’s apps are some of the best around, and they’re even worthy replacements over default Apple apps on the iPhone, with Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, and Google Hangouts being awesome alternatives to the stock apps you’ll find on your iPhone.


One of the biggest advantages to using Android is having the ability to use all sorts of Google services and have them built right into the operating system, allowing for a seamless experience. On iPhone, you’re not automatically taken out of Google’s ecosystem, but it’s slightly less awesome. You can still use some great Google apps, including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Hangouts, and Google Play Music, but other apps like Google Calendar have yet to release on iPhone.

In any case, Google has gotten better and better at releasing their own apps on iPhone, so we’re not too surprised that we’re finally seeing the Google Calendar app making its way to iOS, and while the default Calendar iOS app isn’t terrible by any means, there are many third-party options that are extremely superior, and Google Calendar will be one to add to that list.

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