Google Calendar iPhone App Releases with Gmail Integration
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Google Calendar iPhone App Releases with Gmail Integration



As expected from recent rumors, a Google Calendar iPhone app has been released that takes the same feature set and design from the newer Android version and brings them to the iPhone.

The new app joins Google’s line of iOS apps already available for iPhone, including Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts, etc., but the release of a Google Calendar iPhone app finally makes it feel like the Google iOS collection is complete in a way.

The new calendar app joins a huge list of iPhone calendar apps already available, like Fantastical, Sunrise, and more, but it has some unique features that Google users might love.

One big feature is integration with Gmail. Any emails that include events such as a flight, hotel reservation, concert, restaurant reservations, and more can be added to your Google Calendar automatically.


The app also features Schedule View, which allows you to view your calendar events at a glance, complete with photos and illustrations. You can scroll down to view events in the coming days or weeks, or scroll up to view past events.

There’s also smart assists that help you create calendar events more quickly by giving you suggestions as you type out an event title or type in a location or contact.

There are different calendar views besides Schedule View, such as a one-day scrollable view and a three-day view as well. Plus, tapping on the month at the top will drop down a month view where you can see individual days and then tap on one to view events for that day.

Google’s apps are some of the best around, and they’re even worthy replacements over default Apple apps on the iPhone, with Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, and Google Hangouts being awesome alternatives to the stock apps you’ll find on your iPhone.


One of the biggest advantages to using Android is having the ability to use all sorts of Google services and have them built right into the operating system, allowing for a seamless experience. On iPhone, you’re not automatically taken out of Google’s ecosystem, but it’s slightly less awesome. You can still use some great Google apps, including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Hangouts, and Google Play Music, but other apps like Google Calendar were nowhere to be found before today.

In any case, Google has gotten better and better at releasing their own apps on iPhone, so we’re not too surprised that we’re finally seeing the Google Calendar app making its way to iPhone, and while the default Calendar iOS app isn’t terrible by any means, there are many third-party options that are extremely superior, and Google Calendar could be one to add to the list if it suits your needs.

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1 Comment

  1. Larry G. Smith

    03/13/2015 at 4:40 pm

    how do I send a quick time movie (video) in original recording versus 3G shortened version?

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