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Google Delivers Pinpoint Nexus 4 Shipping Times



The Nexus 4, which only a short time ago featured non-specific shipping times, now features exact shipping times for both the Nexus 4 8GB and Nexus 16GB which gives potential buyers better insight as to when their Nexus 4 might arrive on their doorstep.

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Up until a short time ago, both the 8GB Nexus 4 and the 16GB Nexus 4 were advertised with shipping times in the weeks. For instance, both were given shipping times of one to two weeks. However, earlier this month, that changed when Google quietly introduced an exact shipping date for the 8GB Nexus 4, something we told you about shortly after it happened.

The Nexus 16GB has joined the Nexus 8GB with exact shipping times.

The Nexus 16GB has joined the Nexus 8GB with exact shipping times.

And now, the company has extended the same courtesy to the 16GB Nexus 4 which brings it up to speed with the lesser storage variant of Google’s current Nexus smartphone.

Now, instead of featuring vague shipping times, Google lists both Nexus 4 models with exact dates. Previously, the 8GB Nexus 4 had been listed as shipping out by March 22nd, though now, like the 16GB Nexus 4 model, it’s listed as shipping out by March 29th, just a little under two weeks from today. Keep in mind, this is a ship by date, which means that Google may actually ship the device much sooner than that.

While not necessarily a big addition, it would have been nicer had Google done this all along, it’s great information for those interested in buying the Nexus 4. Instead of vague timing, Google promises an exact date that the device will ship by. It’s a promise that we expect the company to be able to keep now that the device’s supply issues have been quelled.

The Nexus 4 is now shipping out in less than two weeks.

The Nexus 4 is now shipping out in less than two weeks.

The device, up until earlier this year, was extremely hard to find. Instead of shipping times, the Nexus 4 instead was listed as completely sold out. Soon after, the Nexus 4 emerged with shipping times that ran in the multiple weeks. And now, just about four months after it first arrived, Google is giving customers pinpoint ship by dates.

The Nexus 4 is Google’s most current Nexus smartphone, featuring high-end hardware like a quad-core processor and HD display, to go along with vanilla Android software and cheap unlocked pricing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jossue

    03/20/2013 at 9:00 pm

    I ordered a 16GB variant of the Nexus on Sunday night, and said it would ship by the 29th. I received a tracking number the next day (Monday). When I checked the tracking number the next day (Tuesday) it said it would get delivered the next day. Today (Wednesday) I received my phone in the morning. That’s a very quick delivery, which is something this phone needed from day one.

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