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Google Docs Soon To Be Editable on Mobile



We’ve heard the promises and now we have the video to go along with those promises. Google has been saying we’d be able to edit our Google Docs on our mobile devices for some time now. Well, according to the snazzy video showing this off you can on your Android devices, your iPhone and your iPad, although I’m guessing it is going to be a typical slow roll out.

If you head to or I’m still not seeing the edit button and in fact on the former url there’s no mention of the iPad yet, but the video shows this as possible. If anyone is seeing this available let us know what you think in comments. Apparently Blackberry users, Windows Users, and S60 users can edit spreadsheets but not other docs. Note that Android users can take advantage of the voice capabilites on that platform to do some editing and creating via voice.

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