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Google Glasses Debut in Project Glass Demo Video



I’ve had my eye on Google Glasses ever since information started leaking out, and with the release of information about Project Glass I am officially excited.

Project Glass is the name for the group that wants to bring augmented reality and information sharing glasses to the real world, at a price you or I could afford.

The Project Glass team inside Google[x] just posted the video below, which shows off what it might be like to live with smart Google glasses on your head.

In the demo video, we see a user

  • checking the weather
  • check a calendar
  • receiving and responding to a message
  • getting alerts and navigation
  • setting reminders
  • looking up a friend’s location
  • take and share a photo
  • listen to music
  • take and receive calls
  • video chat

One of the coolest things released today is the design study photos, which show us what Google Glasses could look like. Sure, these don’t look like regular glasses, but if the final product looks like these you won’t need to explain your headgear to everyone you pass on the street.

Google better include the ability to use this technology with regular glasses, or I may be forced to get contacts.

The rumored price of the Google Glasses is $250 to $600, which isn’t cheap, but it isn’t so expensive that the product is relegated to a toy for the super rich.

You can follow the progress of the Project Glass team on Google Plus, to stay up to date on Google Glasses.

 Are you excited to try this technology out?


  1. Draenar Dubrovna

    04/04/2012 at 10:44 am

    The next step is to build the functions into the frames for optic lenses.  Then, they would absolutely be glasses compatible.

    • Lance burrows

      04/27/2012 at 9:21 am

      wouldn’t work in prescription lenses as think how they work for short and long sited people the lens adjusts the image coming in now if you had google glasses you’d have the distorted image that you would have without glasses in your prescriptions might work for those that can see close image without glasses but not for those that are long sighted!

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