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Google Integrates Digital Books in Web-Based Android Market



Google has given its Web-based portal of Android Market a new update by adding a hub for digital books. The Android-maker had previously made its digital books push on Android and other rival platforms with the release of Google Books, which allows users to purchase, download, and read books purchased via Google, but by integrating electronic books into its Android Market app store, Google may be pushing a digital strategy that could rival Apple’s iTunes App Store, which has access to books, audio books, music, movies, TV shoes, music videos, podcasts, and apps.

To visit the books hub, go to on your browser.

While Apple is looking to extend the reach of its digital strategy with cloud-based storage for iTunes, Google is speculated to work on its own content deals that will bring more digital content to its devices. Right now, there is not a well-executed and integrated solution for users to purchase music and movies–though BlockBuster and Amazon MP3 apps are pre-loaded on a number of Android devices–and Google is rumored to be working with music labels and Hollywood studios in bringing digital music and movies to Android. Given that most Android smartphones are going larger, with four-inch or larger displays, those devices could serve as mobile entertainment experiences with the right content.

Via: AndroidCentral


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