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Google Makes It Easy for Chrome Apps to Come to Android, iOS



Web apps developed for Google’s Chrome OS could soon be easily ported to Android and iOS with a new toolkit. Developers who create Chrome apps could use this toolkit to easily convert their web apps and package them for either Google’s Android Play Store or Apple’s App Store. According to The Next Web, a repository over at GitHub gave away Google’s plans.

The publication notes that “a search on Google Groups confirms the company is indeed working on the project,” with Google developer advocate Joe Marini saying that the project should become ready “in beta form in January.”

“The toolkit will help developers create Android and iOS hybrid native apps with Chrome app polyfills, through Apache Cordova,” TNW reported. “The steps include modifying for mobile design, fixing bugs, working around limitations, and of course, testing.”


Chrome apps are written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but would work outside of a web browser unlike traditional web apps.

This could show how Android, now under the direction of former Chrome head Sundar Pichai, will begin to unify with Chrome. This would still allow Google to maintain both platforms without merging them.

Google rival Microsoft may also be working on unifying its various “Windows” platform under the same roof in the future, according to rumors on the Internet. Unlike Google’s unification on web apps, Microsoft hopes to use the same core for Windows across Windows, Windows RT, and Windows Phone so that apps can run across all platforms.

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1 Comment

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