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Google Nexus Tablet from Asus Coming in July?



A new report pegs the upcoming Google Nexus tablet, which said to be made by Asus, as shipping in June with a release to consumers coming in July.

According to DigiTimes who cites a supply chain source, the tablet, which was originally rumored to be coming out in May, is now slated to hit the market in the middle of summer.

The tablet will apparently ship in June with an initial batch of 600,000 units.

Keep in mind, the rumor is coming from DigiTimes which is very hit or miss when it comes to these rumors so it’s certainly possible that this time frame will not plan out. However, because Google I/O takes place at the end of June, it’s certainly possible that we might see an official announcement at the conference and a release in the weeks after the conference ends.

The Nexus tablet could resemble the ASUS Eee Pad Memo.

This comes after a previous report stated that Google has been gearing up to start selling tablets directly to consumers and that at least some of those tablets would have Google’s name on it.

This would not be the first time that Google has tried selling devices to consumers. When it released the Nexus One smartphone back in 2012, consumers had to the buy the device directly through Google, a program that was short lived.

Google also currently sells an unlocked Galaxy Nexus directly to consumers for $399.

The first of these tablets is expected to be a tablet made by Asus and Samsung is rumored to have been tapped to build another.

Asus and Samsung both make Google’s Chromebooks, so it’s not surprising to see them both emerge as the manufacturers that Google has chosen to make its branded tablets.

In addition, Asus, as we’ve mentioned, has some of the best customer support offered to Android owners and so it would seem like the logical choice for a Nexus tablet.

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