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Google Nexus Tablet to Cost $149?



Just a short time ago, we heard that Google had chosen Asus to manufacturer the company’s upcoming “Nexus” tablet, a tablet that is said to sport a 7-inch screen and could be released as soon as May. And now, we may have some information on its pricing. Android and Me is reporting that the tablet could fall into the $149-$200 range instead of the rumored $249-299 range that was previously reported.

If true, that would place it either below or at the same price as Amazon’s Kindle Fire Android tablet and it would be a price point much lower than that of Apple’s new iPad which starts at $499.

The new rumor comes from a senior employee at a supply chain so it’s possible that the information is dead on. The source also says that the Nexus tablet is a “done deal” and that it will be made by Asus.

Google Nexus Tablet to Cost $149?

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A Tegra 3 quad-core processor, that was previous rumored, has been dropped and it appears that Asus has scrapped the ASUS MeMo 370T that it introduced at CES in favor of building this tablet.

Might we see a Nexus tablet similar to that device?

Could be.

Here’s a video of the MeMo in action at CES:

Other than those tidbits, the device remains murky. Even it’s name remains a mystery. The source apparently called it the “Nexus tablet” and it’s possible that we’ll see Nexus included in the name.

That would certainly help as Nexus is certainly a known name amongst the average consumer base.

So it’s looking like Asus is in as the manufacturer of Google’s Nexus tablet and it looks like the Eee Pad MeMo, which we loved, is out.

We should likely know more either at CTIA in May or, more likely, at Google I/O which kicks off in San Francisco at the end of June.


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