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Google Play Gets Expanded Carrier Billing



The Google Play Store has allowed carrier billing for apps before, but today Google expanded the feature to include all content in the store.

Today, Google announced on Google+ that Android users can now add any content purchased in the Google Play Store to a phone bill instead of charging a credit card directly. The feature is only available to a few carriers, but the list is slowly growing. T-Mobile users can finally start using carrier billing today, making it easier for some users to pay for apps, media and their phone plan at the same time.Google Play Apps, Movies, and Books Can be Charged to Phone Bills

The two biggest U.S. carriers, AT&T and Verizon, already supported carrier billing on the Google Play Store. Until today though, the feature only supported apps. Now, users can add all content in Google Play including music, books, and movies to a carrier bill. That’s good news for Android users that want to rent a movie or buy a new book but don’t always have the funds at that exact moment.

Sprint users have the ability to add apps to their carrier’s monthly bill, but that’s it for now. Expanded carrier billing will come to Sprint soon, we just don’t know when.

Carriers outside the U.S. including DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank in Japan and a few European carriers offer the same expanded Google Play carrier billing starting today. Google has a full list of all the supported carriers right here.

Regional carriers still don’t support carrier billing on Google Play, but a majority of U.S. smartphone users now have the option through the four big networks. It isn’t the best method for every user, but it’s a nice option to have for many others.



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