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Google Teases Google Wallet for iPhone



Google is teasing a new version of Google Wallet on its website with an option for iPhone users to request an invite according to Business Insider.

Google doesn’t give much information on the new version of Google Wallet, and only mentions it in a single line on the Google Wallet website. Users can request an invite to the new version of Google Wallet for their platform of choice. Google provides an option for users on Android, iOS, or “Other.”

Selecting a platform just brings up a screen that says Google will send an invite to the user’s email when the new version is ready. The site also invites users to “get a head start” by setting up their Google Wallet account online. It sounds promising for iOS users, who haven’t had the option to use Google Wallet before.

Google Wallet iPhone

On Android devices Google Wallet uses NFC for mobile payments. No iPhone has the feature, however. 9To5Google speculates that Google Wallet could use Passbook on the iPhone.

When Google announced Google Wallet it promised to bring out a NFC sticker for the iPhone and other devices. Google may finally be ready to release the stickers with the next version of Google Wallet. Or Google could have some other plan to bring the mobile payment system to other devices.

There are already a number of mobile payment options available to iOS users. Services like Square, PayPal, TabbedOut, and LevelUp are all available on the iPhone, and none require special accessories for buyers.

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