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Google Updates Gmail for Android with Priority Inbox Synchronization, Ringtones



Google had just updated the Gmail app for Android smartphone, taking the app up to version 2.3.5. Cognizant of carrier’s evolving data plan changes that skew towards metered and tiered plans, Google is offering its subscribers the ability to synchronize just their priority inbox, rather than their entire inbox, to save on data bandwidth and battery life.

Also, like on the desktop browser version of Gmail, users can now mark and remember the ‘Show Pictures’ options for embedded email images from trusted sender rather than having to mark it for every email from the same sender.

Another neat feature is the ability to use labels to show notifications. Now, users can assign ringtones to specific labels, so if emails come in with the label filter for ‘Work,’ you can assign a special ringtone for those emails.

You can download and install the latest version of Gmail from Android Market.

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