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Google’s Chrome Experiment May Hint at Google TV Gaming And Smartphone Controllers



A new experiment that’s part of Google’s Chrome project allows users to turn any webpage into a game where a user’s smartphone could be used a remote control for game play. What’s needed for game play at this time is any computer running the Chrome browser along with a smartphone that runs the Chrome browser. As such, this project is limited to Android and iOS devices.

Essentially, the game play is called World Wide Maze and allows a user to roll around the webpage, similar to how the popular game Super Monkey Ball is played–roll around on a course and avoid falling off the tracks. The main PC will display the game play and users can pair their Android or iOS smartphone to the PC as motion game controllers thanks to the built-in accelerometer in these devices.

Pairing the smartphone to the computer is relatively easy. Users could sync the Chrome browsers together through the sync tab or they can establish a connection by scanning a QR code to pair the desktop and mobile Chrome browsers together.

The smartphone offers both on-screen controls as well as the ability to maneuver through the game using the accelerometer.


Though this is largely an experiment today, this Chrome project perhaps hint at a more robust Google TV experience with Android at its core. Thus far, users can control Google TV largely with a QWERTY keyboard and mouse or some sort of remote control. However, Google could begin pushing games or even web apps that allow users to have more fun and interactivity by allowing Google TV owners to pair their Android phones to the home set-top box for game play. Such a solution would compete with traditional set-top gaming devices in this space, such as Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s PlayStation.

We’ll have to wait until Google I/O to see what Google does with Google TV, which was largely ignored at last year’s I/O conference in favor of the now defunct Nexus Q streaming device.

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1 Comment

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