Grocery Cart-Mounted Tablet Points Users In the Right Direction in Grocery Stores

Are you one of those perpetually lost souls who rely on GPS for everything, whether you’re headed to the grocery store or for navigating the store itself? Well, if you are and you’re living in China, you may be in luck as SK Telecom is launching a trial at Chinese¬†Shanghai Lotus supermarkets to mount tablets onto grocery carts to help consumers save money, learn about new deals and store promotions, and navigate the store to find all the items on their shopping list.

The way the system works is that users will download an app for their phone where they would input and store their grocery lists. Once inside the store, user’s smartphones would be able to synchronize the grocery list to the tablet on the grocery cart.

The tablets are connected and networked using WiFi, and to guide users around the store, the tablets use indoor positioning technology. This way, consumers can get true location-based discounts and coupons as they walk past aisles of snacks and food. Also, the tablet can guide users to the appropriate location within the store to find items on their grocery lists.

Also, rather than having store clerks interrupt the ambiance, if any, of the store by announcing new deals and promotions on the loud speaker, those deals can get pushed to the tablet’s display instead.

At checkout, the tablet can tabulate the sum of the purchases, any savings and discounts, and also any membership points.

Right now, the program is being piloted in China, but these tablets and grocery carts will also be headed to Korea next year. At this time, there’s no indication that North American and European shoppers will get these high tech smart grocery carts.

In the U.S., apps like Aisle 411 and other apps are being trialed with big chains, like Home Depot, and warehouse stores to offer indoor positioning so customers can navigate to the correct aisle to pick up their favorite products. Smart carts, smartphones, and integration of tablets will soon help marketers better understand consumers and offer real-time location-based promotions, discounts, and relevant deals.

Via: Digital Trends