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GTA 5 for PC Gets Hit With Big Delay



It turns out, GTA 5 for PC won’t be making its way to store shelves on January 27th after all. Today, Rockstar Games, developers of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 revealed the game would be missing its release date. Now, the developer is expected to deliver the game in March.

Rockstar revealed the new GTA 5 for PC release date on its blog this morning. Instead of January 27th, Rockstar says it now expects to have a final version of GTA 5 for PC in stores and digital games retailers on March 24th. That’s roughly two months from when Rockstar originally planned to deliver the game and four months from when it delivered a remastered version of GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4 owners. GTA 5 debuted on the Xbox 360 and PS4 back in September of 2013.

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After apologizing for the delay, Rockstar gets right to the features that users can expect with GTA 5 for PC does eventually arrive. There was a lot of talk about the campaign element of GTA 5 when it originally launched. It’s a fantastic campaign experience, but the star of the show and reason why GTA 5 for PC needs to arrive sooner or later is GTA Online. GTA Online is the multiplayer online world with GTA mechanics and in the PC version of GTA 5 it’s getting some upgrades.

GTA Online for PC will allow 30 users to play alongside each other. Rockstar says that the entire game will run at full 1080p and 60 frames per second, for those who have enough horse power. It’ll also support a triple monitor set-up so that players can get a 160 degree view of what’s going on around them.

GTA Online has a lot of different activities for users to complete. Users create their own character, then pull off robberies and more to earn enough money to buy hideouts, better weapons and better vehicles. Last year, Rockstar showed off Heists, a new way for players to earn money by teaming up with their friends for bigger and more complicated missions. They’ll arrive on other versions of GTA 5 in-between now and the release of GTA 5 for PC. Rockstar has confirmed that Heists will be available when GTA 5 for PC launches. That’s one less thing potential buyers have to worry about.

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A lot of the focus for GTA Online centers on creating your own character, but Rockstar has also pulled off a pretty impressive sandbox for users to create with. To show all of this off, GTA 5 for PC includes a video editor that allows players to get their clips on to YouTube without a problem. That’s big since the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game rely on those console’s built-in systems to do the same thing.

All told, GTA 5 for PC buyers are getting a pretty robust game. Whether millions of users will pick up the game on the PC is a bit unclear. By the time this game arrives, everyone who wanted to will have been able to play the campaign and multiplayer on four different devices. Sure, it’ll look better than the other versions, but there’s no telling how many people will simply upgrade to this new version just because it looks better.

To play GTA 5 on the PC, you’ll need a pretty robust computer. The game itself will take up 65GB of storage. The minimum requirements include a 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Quad-Core processor, 4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory. Recommending settings include a 3.2GHZ Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM and a video card with 2GB of dedicated memory.

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