GymPact Pays You to Get in Shape
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GymPact Pays You to Get in Shape



GymPact is a free app that pays you to get in shape, and takes money out of your bank account when you slack off, providing a financial motivator to get out of bed and go to the gym.

The app is a great motivator according to Zach Bingham who has used the app for about 5 months. Bingham tells Gotta Be Mobile that he’s earned about $45 for doing the same workout he was doing before he found the app.

GymPact is a free app for iPhone and Android, but users will need to put money on the line to get the biggest benefit out of the app, and to get paid for working out.

After downloading the app, pick how often you will work out, pick how much you want to put on the line and then check in when you go to the gym or use Runkeeper while running. The video below gives a one-minute overview of GymPact.

At the end of the week, GymPact collects the money from users who don’t follow through and distribute it to those who do workout. Bingham confirms the effectiveness of putting real money on the line, telling Gotta Be Mobile, “On days when I’m just feeling lazy, knowing that I have money on the line gets me up and out of bed.”

The big catch for users who work out at home is that GymPact can’t verify gyms that are built into a home, office or an apartment building. The app can count University gyms and fitness areas outside of the living area of an apartment.

The app must be able to figure out if users are in a real gym to make the payout system work. For users who workout outdoors, RunKeeper integrates to track the workouts.

Gympact Paid to Get in Shape

GymPact is an iPhone and Android app that pays you to get in shape.

Users can schedule breaks and can change their schedule weekly to adapt to their needs, but the less time pledged, the less money available to earn.

When it is time to withdraw your money, GymPact pays out to a Paypal account, and users must earn at least $10 before cashing out.

GymPact is an effective way to add a financial motivator to working out, and for users who are already at the gym 6 days a week, it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash.

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