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Happy Wheels App: 5 Things to Know



The Happy Wheels app took over the iPhone and iPad this weekend with the release of a web game classic on iOS. On the surface this looks like a simple side-scrolling adventure with a few obstacles, but once you fail to get through a level you’ll see an accident worthy of an appearance in Saw or Mortal Kombat.

Happy Wheels is a free iPhone and iPad game that brings the fun of the online game to mobile devices. The game is free to download and play, but there is an in-app purchase that will appeal to many users.

Here is a fast look at what you need to know about the Happy Wheels app for iPhone and iPad, and a Happy Wheels Android release.

What is Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels is a web game ported over to iPhone and iPad where you control a business man on a Segway through puzzle, laced levels with machines that attempt to maim, dismember or destroy him. This sounds very simple, but eventually you’ll need to chain together jumps, fans, buttons and leaning and crawling to get to the end of the level.

Happy Wheels is not a brand new game, but it is new to the iPhone and iPad. Pent up demand from users who are familiar with the webgame, that offered more choices for characters in the main levels, pushed this game to the top of the app store.

You use simple controls to make your way through default levels and then through custom levels that you can share with other players. There are more levels and characters coming soon.

Download Happy Wheels for iPhone and iPad.

Happy Wheels In App Purchases

The Happy Wheels app is free on the iPhone and iPad, but there is an in-app purchase that allows you to remove the ads. This is a one-time $1.99 fee to make the game ad-free. Many users appreciate this type of option as it allows a free trial and free play for those who don’t mind ads, but unlocks faster gaming for payers willing to play.

You can remove Happy Wheels ads.

You can remove Happy Wheels ads.

On the upside, there are not a lot of ads shown during our time playing Happy Wheels. It’s not clear if you will need to pay for the other levels and characters.

Happy Wheels Is Not For Kids

On the surface Happy Wheels looks like a friendly game where you just need to get from A to B on a Segway with some puzzles in between you and the end. This is not the case at all. Happy Wheels includes gruesome death and dismemberment.

There are gruesome deaths in Happy Wheels.

There are gruesome deaths in Happy Wheels.

Many users will find this hilarious and a funny way to lose at a game that can deliver frustratingly hard levels, but it’s worth knowing that this is not one you’ll want to hand off to a young child.

The game is appropriately rated 12+ for;

  • Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
  • Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor
  • Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Parents should give this game a play through to see if it is appropriate for their kids.


Make Your Own Happy Wheels Levels

On the main menu you can choose to create your own Happy Wheels levels that you can then share with others. This is a great way to create your own terror filled levels with options for other characters and loads of crazy obstacles and guns.

Unfortunately there is no level browser, you can only send your levels by email or iMessage, so it may take some time before we see an easy way to play levels you don’t make if you aren’t friends with a talented level designer.

What you need to know about Happy Wheels.

What you need to know about Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels Android Release

There is no official Happy Wheels Android release at this time, but there is still a way to play Happy Wheels on Android.

Flippy Wheels is an unofficial Android Happy Wheels port that includes a very similar style of gameplay. The game is rated highly and there are in-app purchases.

Download Flippy Wheels for Android today.

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  3. Ken William

    11/27/2017 at 8:39 pm

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