Harry Potter Wizards Unite: 5 Things We Want in the Game
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: 5 Things We Want in the Game



A Story that Matters

A Story that Matters

That last feature we want plays well into another feature that Harry Potter Wizards Unite must have: a story.

Gamers love role-playing titles because they get to become someone else and explore different worlds. Pokémon GO only offers battling and training, with some scavenging for new creatures to link the two activities. The game gets pretty boring very quickly.

Wizards Unite needs an interesting narrative that provides context for what’s happening. If Warner Brothers really wants to get the kind of traction it's hoping for, voiceovers and a serious narrative that sets the tone for the game is also a good idea. It’s not enough to run around and collect things. For these titles to truly stay viable, players need a reason to come back day after day and week after week. A story would provide that.

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