Hector Gomez Checks out the Viewsonic G Tablet

I think Hector Gomez is a man on a mission to test out every new Tablet/Slate he can lay his hands on. He recently sent me a link to the video in this post and his observations of the Viewsonic G Tablet that he got to check out at his local Office Depot.

Like many have said about this Viewsonic Tablet, Hector was disappointed in the responsiveness of the UI, which is added on by Viewsonic. Called Tap-N-Tap, he found it really slow, almost to the point of thinking the machine had frozen up on him. Hector points out that the overlay can be removed and you can also find ways to get the Android Marketplace on this device, making it still something to consider for it $399 price point. Hector also followed up with another email detailing how a friend was asking him for a recommendation and that after the friend checked out the Viewsonic he was not impressed with the responsiveness.