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Hide Stock Apps in iOS 7.1 on Your iPhone Using This Glitch



Once again, someone has discovered a way for users to hide stock apps in iOS 7.1 by taking advantage of a couple of harmless bugs. YouTuber iDeviceHelpus demonstrates how to do this in a video, or you can read the full instructions down below.

This is similar to a glitch that we saw when iOS 7 first came out, and hiding stock apps without jailbreaking isn’t anything new to begin with; iOS 6 even had a neat trick that you could use to hide stock apps. Of course, this doesn’t actually uninstall these apps, but merely just hides them behind the user interface. Furthermore, any apps you hide using this technique will come back and show up on the home screen after you reboot. Usually, most users never even turn off their iPhone or iPad, so this caveat might not be a big deal, but just know that you’ll have to re-hide these apps each time you reboot your iDevice.

iOS 7.1 is just a couple weeks old, and while most users have already updated, some might still be using iOS 7.0, but iOS 7.1 comes with a heap of new features, including new UI changes, CarPlay functionality, and ton of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Here are the steps for hiding stock apps on the iOS 7.1 home screen, along with a video demonstration on how to do it.

  • Put all of the stock apps that you want to hide in a folder.
  • Make sure that your home screen is completely full of apps, along with the folder that you made. You’ll also want to make sure that the dock is full (6 apps in the iPad dock, 4 apps in the iPhone dock).
  • Next, drag a random app on top of another to create a folder (separate from the one you made earlier). As soon as you drop that app into the new folder, quickly drag and drop the folder full of stock apps into the folder you just made.It’s all about being quick and getting the timing right, but if successful, the folder of stock apps should now be nested inside of that new folder.
  • Now, remove the two apps in the folder you just made. Then, drag out the subfolder full of stock apps and it will completely vanish from the home screen!

This glitch was present in earlier versions of iOS 7, so we’re not sure why Apple didn’t patch it up, but that means that users can still take advantage of this trick if they don’t happen to use the stock apps. Of course, jailbreaking will allow you to permanently hide stock apps without a problem, but if you’re not jailbroken, this is the next best thing to try out.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hide Stock Apps in iOS 7

    04/10/2014 at 7:50 am

    Well, nice glitch. Atleast it will help me get rid of stock app

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