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How Switching to Tracfone Can Save you $1,000



Tracfone is a prepaid carrier that can keep you connected without spending hundreds on your cell phone bill every month. You can bring your own phone, opening up the service to users that want a high-end device, or pick up an iPhone or Android phone directly from Tracfone. Here’s how you can save $1,000 or more on your cell phone bill by switching.

My first cell phone was a Tracfone, and many of us transitioned to a traditional carrier at some point to get the latest and greatest smartphones and buckets and buckets of data. Unfortunately that comes with higher and higher bills. If you haven’t checked out Tracfone, it’s time to look at what they offer, especially if you want to cut your cell phone bill down as you start 2019.

With smartphone plans starting below $15 and options to get the iPhone 7, iPhone SE, many Android phones or bring your own phone with an affordable SIM kit Tracfone’s savings can add up. Right now you can stack on the savings with 30% off a phone using code TFSAVINGS30 through the end of the year or picking up the iPhone SE with 60 days of service for $199.

The biggest savings on Tracfone are for users that don’t need a lot of data every month. This is perfect for people who mainly use WiFi, but need mobile data when they travel or sparingly throughout the month. With the 365 day plan you get service for a year including 1,500 minutes, 1,500 texts and 1.5GB of data. All of that is good for a full year and is just $125. You can add-on data in 1GB blocks for $10 if you need more throughout the year.

Save big with the Tracfone iPhone SE deal.

Save big with the Tracfone iPhone SE deal.

That’s $125 for a year of cell phone service, and if you opt for an iPhone you can send most of your texts by iMessage so they won’t use up the text limit. Compare that to Verizon’s cheapest regular plan that is $55 a month or their cheapest pre-paid which is $30 a month and the annual savings are over $200 for prepaid and over $500 for a normal plan.

Compared to AT&T which offers a 3GB plan for $50 a month and prepaid from $30 a month. That’s annual savings of $200+ for prepaid and $475 for a standard plan.

That’s the savings for just one line, if you switch over a whole family the savings easily add up to over $1,000 a year when you switch from a traditional carrier to Tracfone.

You don’t need to go straight to a one year option. There are also 30, 60 and 90 day plans that include up to 2 GB of data. With these plans the service is available for up to 90 days, and all the text, minutes and data carries over as long as you have an active service during a six month period.

Tracfone uses the same 4G LTE networks as the major carriers, and you can check with your zip code to see what coverage is like where you live and where you travel most often.

With Tracfone you can choose an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown or Motorola G6. You can also bring your own phone if it is compatible with Tracfone’s network. You can save even more if you buy before 12/31 using this link to save 30% off with the code TFSAVINGS30. This is valid on all phones except the iPhone SE. The good news is that you can get the iPhone SE with 60 days of service for $199 using this link. That’s $35 off the standard price.

This is a sponsored post by Tracfone. More information can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal views.

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