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How to Add Secondary Keyboard to iPhone



Adding a second keyboard to the iPhone is a very useful tool that can save time and increase productivity for many users. By default the iPhone only has a single keyboard enabled, which is the language most commonly used in your country. While this is fine, many people who speak multiple languages are left in the dust.

The iPhone has 40 different languages pre-installed, so there’s a good chance that the one in which you would like to add is already there. Adding multiple keyboards to the iPhone allows users to communicate more efficiently, compared to using translation apps to change their messages for family and friends.

Luckily with a few changes in settings multiple keyboards are only a button click away. Follow the guide below to set up more than one keyboard language for the iPhone.

Setup Multiple Keyboards.

From the home screen, open Settings.

Tap Settings

Scroll down and select General.

Tap General

Tap Keyboard.


Underneath the keyboard options, select Keyboards.

Multiple Keyboards

More than likely only one keyboard will be in the list. To add another keyboard tap Add New Keyboard.

Add Keyboard

On the next screen are all the language options available to choose from. By default the iPhone has 40 different language keyboards installed. Once you find the one that you would like to add, select it from the list by tapping on it.

Select Language

After you have chosen your language it will then appear next to the other keyboard language on the previous page.

Installed Keyboards

To see your new keyboard in action head on over to the Messages app. Once in the app, you should notice something different about the keyboard compared to when there was only one installed. A small globe looking button will appear next to Siri on the bottom row of keys. This button is for switching back and forth between keyboards on the iPhone. To switch to the keyboard you just installed tap the Globe icon in the bottom of the screen.

Tap Keyboards Key

After tapping the button your new keyboard will replace the one that you are using.

Arabic KeyboardTo switch back to the first keyboard select the globe icon again and the keyboard will shift back.

Some other options that might be helpful with multiple keyboards are the order in which they appear. For example if spanish is your primary language it could be more efficient to have this be the first keyboard. To change these settings go back to the list of keyboards and select Edit in the top right corner.

Edit Keyboards

To reorganize the keyboard order drag them in the order that you would like them to appear from top to bottom. In this case if you wanted the Arabic keyboard to display first it would be on top and then the second keyboard second and so on.

Reorder Keyboards

To remove a keyboard from the list select the Red Circle to the right of the keyboard that you are eliminating.

Delete Keyboard

Tap Delete.


And the keyboard will then be removed from the list. Once finished editing tap Done in the upper right hand corner.

Tap Done.

Another fun keyboard to add is the Emoji keyboard. To learn more about this keyboard, and the purpose for it read the post listed below:

How to add Emoji Keyboard.


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1 Comment

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