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How to Change the OnePlus 6T Text Message App



This step-by-step guide explains how to change the OnePlus 6T text message app. The built-in texting app is pretty good, but free alternatives on the Google Play Store have more options, features, and customization.

To do this you just download a new text message app from the Play Store and set it as your default text program. Then, the phone will only use that text app, and not what OnePlus put on the phone, which is buggy at times. Here’s how to get started.

For starters, we recommend you check out this list of the 5 best text message apps for Android. Find one you like, then follow the steps below to download and use it.

How to Change the OnePlus 6T Text Message App

Textra is my go-to app, Chomp is really popular, and GoSMS is pretty good too. Some of these will take you through the steps below, but if not, here’s how. 


  • Download a new Text Messaging App
  • Go to Settings by hitting the gear-shaped button in the notification bar
  • Select Apps or Applications
  • Click the 3-Dots “menu” button (or gear wheel) at the top right and choose Default Apps
  • Tap on SMS App and select which app you’d like to use

Additionally, you can go to Settings and hit the search bar, then type “Default Apps” to jump right to the setting you’ll want to change. This tells the phone to only use your new text application. Now, you won’t have to deal with OnePlus Messenger at all. Every message you send or receive will use the app you just set as the default (SMS) messenger client. Pictures will work, texts are fast, and you can even send GIFs.

Last-minute Details

Once you set your new default app for text messaging, open it up, and it will instantly transfer or access all of your texts. Give it a minute, especially if you have a lot, and it will automatically transfer them all from the old text app to the new one. You shouldn’t lose anything. Give it time to complete the transfer.

Older Android devices received double notifications if you downloaded a second text message app. That can’t happen anymore thanks to this “default apps” option. Android won’t let two be set as “default” at the same time. Additionally, many apps like Textra will have a big Set As Default button at the bottom when you first open it. Making this process dead simple. 

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Now that you set a new app as the default for text, that’s the only program that will be able to send, receive, or alert you about messages. People do this because most 3rd party apps, like Textra, are extremely customizable and offer a better experience. Textra lets you change the font, style, colors, bubble colors, and even the notification icon. You can change these for each contact too, and make your phone and notifications fun and unique.

So, download something new and enjoy the benefits. If you’re having any other OnePlus 6T problems, here’s a list of the most popular bugs and how to fix them.

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