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How to Curse on the iPhone & iOS 8



This guide will teach you how to curse on the iPhone or iPad using iOS 8. This will prevent the iPhone from changing your messages to ducking and shot all the time, and will instead allow you to curse in messages like you want to.

Apple’s auto correct automatically changes common curse words to ducking or shot, instead of typing something that you may not want to share with your recipient. This is a nice way of preventing an auto correct from telling your boss or spouse something you would regret, and at best it turns into, go duck yourself.

If you want to be able to curse with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, you can add the words you want to type in to the dictionary so that you won’t need to continually correct the words to a curse word.

Learn how to curse on the iPhone with iOS 8 even when auto correct won't let you.

Learn how to curse on the iPhone with iOS 8 even when auto correct won’t let you.

Here’s how you can swear in your iPhone and iPad messages in iOS 8. Once you set this up on one device, it should automatically sync to your other devices, linked to the same Apple ID. You can do this in multiple ways, depending on how you want to prep your iPhone to curse.

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You will need to do this with any curse word you want. You can use this to teach the iPhone your own variations of curse words that you throw around casually with friends and to teach it how to swear in other languages.

Teach iPhone & iOS 8 to Curse

You can teach the iPhone and iOS 8 to curse when you are typing, without the need to go into settings.

Search to train the iPhone to curse and swear in iOS 8.

Search to train the iPhone to curse and swear in iOS 8.

Open Safari on the iPhone and search for the curse word you want to train the iPhone to use. This will train the iPhone to learn your curse words simply by searching for them. Gizmodo shared this speedy way to train auto correct.

Repeat this process for all the curse words and swears you want your iPhone to use and you’ll be cursing without Ducking around all day trying to defeat auto correct.

This is the simplest way to teach the iPhone and iOS 8 how you swear, but it’s not the only way.

When you type a curse word, the auto correct keyboard shows a correction like Ducking, you can tap on the word you want in the quotations to the right to choose it. This should add it to your dictionary and keep it out of auto correct from now on. This is another simple way to teach the iPhone swear words.

Teach iOS 8 Curse Words & Swears Automatically

If you want to make sure your misspelled curse words and swears turn into the right insult, you can go into the shortcuts area of the keyboard to train the iPhone your curse words and your common misspellings for those curse words. You can even set super small shortcuts so that you can send messages without typing the whole phrase.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts and tap the + sign.

To teach the iPhone and iOS 8 how to curse you need to enter the curse word in both the phrase and the shortcut area. This will prevent any auto correct of your curse words. Repeat as needed.

Add a shortcut to longer curses and those you frequently can't type correctly.

Add a shortcut to longer curses and those you frequently can’t type correctly.

You can also use this to change a short combination of letters into a longer insult. For example. Enter, “You smell of elderberries” into the phrase section and “usmell” into the shortcut. Now whenever you type “usmell”, it will replace it with the longer insult.

You can use this for any cursing, swear words and other insults that the iOS 8 auto correct would normally turn into ducking, shut, shot or the like.

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1 Comment

  1. Kenneth Wayne Hill

    11/20/2014 at 10:52 am

    I’ve been trying to install it, this will be my fourth try. My device is rooted with Wugs, is this causing my problem?
    If so how do i fix it? Preferable without resetting to factory settings……

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