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How to Download YouTube Movies & Music on Android



Earlier this year Google made some awesome improvements to YouTube for Android and iOS, and more features are coming soon. In fact, earlier this year the company added a feature that allows users to temporarily save select videos or music for offline playback. However, this guide will explain how to permanently save these files to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Google allows certain videos or music to be saved for a select period of time on users devices for playback later, and that’s it. Saving them completely is technically piracy, and something that’s frowned upon.

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That said, people still want to do it, and below we’ll explain how to use both methods. Google’s temporary save for later option, and those “other methods” available from various websites online and some neat easy to use apps from Google Play. This is how to download YouTube movies and music to your Android smartphone or tablet.


As we said above, late last year and with more updates back in January Google added a method to temporarily save videos to our devices to enjoy later, while offline and without an internet connection. We’ll start with that, then show you how to save these files forever to enjoy on an array of different devices, and do as you’d like. Keep in mind, the latter could get you in trouble, and is just as bad as going to a torrent site for the latest movie or song.

We’ve seen a lot of apps like “YouTube Ripper” get added to the Play Store or App Store, then removed by Google or Apple. However, there are still countless others that are available on the Play Store, or from websites. So lets get started.


This is the legal and Google-allowed system, which is saving videos for playback later while your offline. Certain videos that support this feature will have a download arrow just below the video on Android smartphones and tablets. The UI has changed a bit, but users can still find the download button. Then just tap this and select the resolution of choice, and that’s it. We’d recommend 720p and a WiFi connection. Next head to the menu bar on the left and select “Watch later” to find a list of saved videos to enjoy.


Pretty easy, right? Remember, it will only be available for so long and it’s in YouTube, which means it can’t be added to another device, shared to a computer, or saved forever. It’s just a temporary file.

Downloading Content

Now for the good stuff, which is downloading movies, videos, music videos and even the latest top 10 hit songs right to your Android smartphone or tablet, forever. A lot of these apps have disclaimers or have been removed from the Play Store, but tons of them are still floating around claiming to save other videos, but work great for ripping content right from YouTube. One of many that works great is an app called Tube Downloader, available from the Play Store right now. Then we’ve gathered a few simple websites that will do this for you if the apps gets pulled from Google Play. All users need is the URL from YouTube, and that’s it.

Find a YouTube video you’d like to download and keep forever and select the 3-dotted “Share” button near the top of the screen, and on the popup that appears select “Copy URL”. This is what you need, then navigate to websites like or and paste in that link. Usually within seconds they’ll convert the video, and deliver a MP3 of the music that can be downloaded right to a smartphone, or a full video to download and save to any Android smartphone or tablet.


Basically find the video or song, get the URL, and paste that URL (the website link) to the site and hit convert or download and that’s all there is to it. Very easy.

Now any funny video (not movies of course) can be saved permanently right to Android devices to enjoy forever. This same process has been used for a long time on computers or laptops, and doing it on Android is just as easy. Clipconverter even lets you select the conversion format perfect for any situation. Then download something like VLC from Google Play to enjoy the videos if they don’t appear in the video player on certain Android devices.

As a final reminder, using some of these YouTube ripping tools could get users in trouble, and is something that is against the YouTube terms and conditions for content piracy. We’d suggest using the temporary method Google’s added themselves, but what people do on their own time is up to them.



  1. Raquel

    09/24/2015 at 4:00 am

    Tubemate is much better. You can get the video or audio just touching the green down arrow and selecting the video quality, mp3 or m4a format.

  2. BigDady

    09/24/2015 at 5:55 am

    I have to agree that tubemate is the best, keep in mind that I’ve found more than one app with the same name so look for the one made by devian as the developer.

  3. Anon

    09/24/2015 at 12:44 pm

    You might also want to check out at

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