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How to Easily Get Your Parents Connected with an iPad



Here’s how you can get your parents or grandparents connected with an iPad during the extended stay at home period so they can stay connected while we are all staying inside due to Coronavirus.

It’s a challenge to ship an iPad to a parent or grandparent who may not have an account already set up, but you can easily set it up on your own and ship to them, plus we have a way to get them connected without paying for Internet service at home.

If you are unable to go to their house for a social distancing setup, you can still make this work, but it will take a little longer and you’ll need to cover shipping.

How to Set Up An iPad Remotely

How to set up an iPad for your parents or grandparents during COVID-19 stay at home.

It’s not easy to walk a parent or grandparent through the entire iPad setup process, especially if they don’t have an Apple ID or even an email address.

The best solution we’ve discovered is to buy an iPad and have it delivered to us. From there we will create an Apple ID and if needed an email for them. Set up the iPad and connect it to WiFi and install any updates. This is also a good time to install Zoom or whatever chat apps you plan to use.

There are two options for connecting your parents or grandparent. If they have WiFi already, you will need to walk them through the process of connecting, which should be pretty easy if they know the password.

The other option is to get them an iPad with a cellular connection through the same carrier that you use for your phones. You can buy an iPad directly from your carrier and often times pay around $10 a month for service.

With this option, the person you give the iPad to can stay connected anywhere without the need to get WiFi or pay for an in-home internet connection. If they are in an assisted living facility or somewhere that they cannot easily get WiFi, this is a good way to connect them. This is the best option if you want to simplify the setup process.

You can also buy an iPad at Best Buy with curbside pickup, order one from Amazon, at Walmart or from Apple. If you are buying one with LTE, the carrier may offer a discount and a payment plan.

Once you have this in your hands and set up, you can then ship it to your parent or grandparent and they will be able to stay in touch.

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