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How to Find Essentials and Avoid Overpaying Because of Coronavirus



Finding the essentials like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, health items, and must-have pantry items is tougher with Coronavirus hoarding and panic buying. A new service from Popcart helps you find these items in stock at Amazon, Walmart, and Target, taking some of the pain out of finding what you need. The service also highlights if there is any price gouging happening.

Popcart is a chrome extension that helps people find the best prices as they shop online, and they’ve transitioned this expertise into a helpful tool called the Popcart Supply Finder. It’s free to use and it works across these three major stores. If you are shopping locally on at smaller businesses online it’s also a great place to double-check the pricing so that you can make sure you aren’t overpaying.

How to find essentials in stock during the Coronavirus panic buying period.

With the Popcart Supply Finder, you can browse through categories instead of looking at something item by item using an extension. This open method of seeing items in each of thee categories from paper towels and tissues to pasta and other essentials.

To get started, you need to go to The Supply Finder and then you can click on any of the categories. From there you can click on different items and see where each item is in stock. Once you find something in stock, you’ll see the current price and if it is higher than normal the Supply Finder will show you a High Price Alert and let you know how much of a premium you are paying.

How to make sure you aren’t being price gouged during coronavirus.

The tool will tell you when items are out of stock, or when stock is low on something. There are no alerts to let you know when something is back in stock, but you can check easily to see if what you need is in stock, and it’s also a great way to see some alternatives to brands that you normally buy.

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